Module 7 Vocabulary - Ancient Greece c. 800-300 BC/BCE Part 2 of 3


rich landowners or nobles


society ruled by rich landowners


A government in which only a few people have power


Unjust use of power or in ancient Greece a government run by a strong ruler.

direct democracy

A government in which citizens take part directly in the day-to-day affairs of government.


A form of government in which a state is ruled by a monarch.


A king or queen.


A cruel and oppressive ruler or in ancient Greece a ruler who takes power by force.


Absolute or supreme power exercised by a dictator.


A ruler who has absolute power.

Rule of Law

principle that the law applies to everyone, even those who govern


Athenian leader who ruled at the height of Athenian democracy

representative democracy

Democracy in which people elect representatives to make the nations laws.


people with the right to participate in government


Membership in a state or community which gives a person civil and political rights and obligations.

civil rights

The rights of people to political and social freedom and equality.

political rights

The rights to vote or run for office, which give you control over your government.


Something you must do because of a law, rule or promise; something you do because it is morally right.


System of basic rules and principles by which a government is organized.


an agreement to work together

The Persian Wars (500-479 BC)

War between the Greeks and the Persians.
It began due to the rebellious Greeks in Persian ruled Ionia (Asia Minor) who were joined by Greeks on the mainland. Persians were eventually defeated by the Greeks.

Peloponnesian War

a war that emerged after the Persian Wars between the two great Greek city-states, Athens and Sparta, in the 400s BC

Philip II

powerful king of Macedonia


a group of warriors who stood close together in a square

Alexander the Great

king of Macedonia who built the largest empire the world had ever seen


The name for the blended culture, Greek-like, that developed in Alexander's empire.