NJ Driver's Test

What 3 items must a motorist always carry with them in a vehicle?

License (permit), insurance card, & registration card

All legal name changes must be reported to the MVC within how many weeks?

2 weeks

All address changes must be reported to the MVC within how many weeks?

1 week

Unrestricted NJ drivers license is available for residents_______years old and completion of unsupervised driving with probationary restrictions.

18 years old

How do the licenses of motorists 21 years and older differ from those younger than 21?

younger- vertical

What is the 6 point identification system?

You must be able to prove your identity. Primary document- birth certificate. Secondary document- school ID, report card. Proof of address- HS report card. Also, need social security card (name & number matches with database.)

What is the fine and/or penalties for violating any part of the GDL program?

$100 fine or possible suspension of a motorist's driving privilege.

Upon completion of the GDL requirements, the holder of a probationary license must? If you fail to go to the MVC, what restrictions will you be held to?

You need to go to the MVC to upgrade to a basic license. If you do not go, you will be held to the
probationary restrictions.

What can happen if you alter your driver's license?

Can result in a motorist's driving privileges suspended, a fine up to $1,000, and/or up to 6
months jail.

What can happen if you get a license illegally

Can result in a fine up to $200-$500 and/or jail.

Before practice driving, the driver must have passed the knowledge test, vision test, obtained a validated permit and have what on their license plates?

2 reflectorized red decals on your license plates (1 on the front & 1 on the back)

What is the organ donor program?

When you turn 18 & upgrade to a basic license, you will be asked if you want to be included in NJ's Donate Life Registry. By answering "yes" you will be agreeing to donate your organs, tissues, and eyes upon your death to someone who needs a transplant.

Excluding dependents, how many passengers may accompany the holder of a validated Special Learner's
permit driver in the car? Probationary driver?

Special Learner's permit driver- passengers are limited to parents, guardians or dependents of
the permit holder and one additional passenger.
Probationary driver- passengers are limited to dependents of the license holder plus one
additional person unles

What are the hour restrictions for a Special Learner's permit driver? Probationary Driver?

Curfew = 11:01pm-5:00am

When you are taking your behind the wheel road test, what is not allowed to be between you and the driving instructor? Why is this not allowed to be there?

Any obstructions or a console that prevents the examiner from reaching the parking brake or foot brake. The test examiner needs to reach either in case of an emergency.

List three driving skills that you will be tested on when you take your behind the wheel road test.

Driving in reverse, following other vehicles (tailgating), nearing corners/intersections, parallel parking, sitting properly, starting a vehicle, steering properly, stopping at signs, stopping smoothly, turning, 3 pt. turn, using the horn, yielding https:

At the time of the road test, you must present what documentation?

Valid vehicle registration, valid permit card, and valid insurance card.

NJ drivers are responsible for enforcing the seat belt law for passengers ____ younger than 18____ years old. Front seat passengers older than ___18___ are responsible for themselves. (The driver is responsible for all passengers under 18 yrs old)

younger than 18, 18

A child under the age of______and who are less than_______ inches must be seated in the_______ (unless there is no rear seat, the front seat will be allowed).

rear seat

New Jersey child safety passenger safety law requires that a child________ and under 80 pounds or less, , must ride in a safety or booster seat in the _____.

8, rear seat

________are areas hidden from a driver's view. Correctly adjusted_____help reduce
blind spots.

Blind spots ,mirrors

For normal driving, hold the wheel as______as possible.A good grip on the wheel means that
your hands are at ______ and ______ o'clock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8To0HqcMXyY

steady, 9 and 3

Always give a proper signal when___turning___, stopping, or___changing lanes___ . Always signal
__100__ feet before the turn. Be sure to___cancel__ the signal after making a turn.

turning, stopping , or chnaging lanes. 100 feet. cancel the signal

Hand Signals

Hand/Arm straight out- left turn
Arm bent downward/Hand down- slow or stop
Arm bent upward/Hand up- right turn

If you do not turn the wheel while in reverse, which way will the car move?


How should your body position while driving in reverse?

To drive in reverse, a motorist's head and body should be turned to the right until he/she can see
clearly through the back window of the vehicle without the use of mirrors. The motorist's right
hand and arm sho

Which way do the tires of your vehicle face if you are:

Parked uphill/No curb- right (toward the curb)
Parked downhill/ No curb- right (toward the curb)
Parked downhill w/ a curb- toward the curb
Parked uphill w/ a curb- away from the curb

NJ law sets top speed limits for any given road, street, highway or freeway.

____25______ business or residential district
____25______ school zone
____55______ certain highways (as posted) and all interstates
____65______ certain interstates (as posted)

Interstates that are EVEN numbered run east and west. Interstates that are ODD numbered run north and south.

Interstates that are EVEN numbered run east and west. Interstates that are ODD numbered run north and south.

If both center lines are solid, are you allowed to pass? One center line is broken? Both center lines are

Solid = not allowed to pass, stay in your lane. Center line is broken = YES, if broken line
is on your side. Both center lines are broken = YES.

NJ law requires you to__________except__________

stay on the right, except to pass

A motorist must stop for ______ in crosswalks, Failure to do so can result

pedistrians, fine up to $500, up to 25 days in jail, community service, driving privilege suspension of up
to 6 months and 2 points___
** A person violating this section shall, upon conviction thereof, pay a
fine to be imposed by the court in the amount o

What is a controlled intersection? Uncontrolled intersection? How should treat an uncontrolled

Controlled intersection = traffic signals and/or signs or controlled by a police officer.
Uncontrolled intersection = no traffic signals and/or signs. Be ready to slow down and stop at an
uncontrolled intersection if necessary.

Who must you yield to if you are at a multiway stop or intersection?

Driver on the right, a motorist already stopped at the intersection.

Highway entry lanes are called ______. These lanes allow motorists

acceleration lanes, to speed up to join the flow of traffic

What is a deceleration lane?

Extra lane at a highway exit to help the driver slow down before leaving the highway.

Make sure you adjust_____ and ______when approaching a curve
because vehicles tend to keep going_______

steering, speed,speed

A driver must always yield the right of way to:

a. Trains b. School Buses c. Postal Vehicles d. Emergency Vehicles

NJ law permits a right turn on a red light after a;

complete stop__and __yielding____ to all
traffic and pedestrians.

To make a safe right turn, a driver should _

approach the intersection as far to the right as
possible_____. *Driver's signaling a right turn must also yield to inline skaters/skateboarders,
bicyclists, and pedestrians.

You must stop________from a railroad crossing when there are flashing lights, bells or

15 feet

A motorist must stop for a school bus________away when traveling on a dual lane road. You
must stop_______if traveling on a two-lane road where lanes are only separated by lines. **When a
school bus has stopped in front of a school to pick up or drop off

25 feet, 25 feet,10 mph

What actions should you take when you hear a siren or see a flashing red/blue light coming from an
emergency vehicle?

You must yield to emergency vehicles when they sound sirens and/or flashing
emergency lights. A motorist should steer to the extreme right of the road, stop and wait for the
vehicle to pass.

All drivers must have their____and ______on during rain, snow, and ice storms.

Headlights and Wipers

Headlights must be used: between ...

between one-half hour after sunset.& one-half hour before sunrise. also during bad weather and whenever __visibility is 500 feet or less____.

Bright beams should be only used for what type of driving conditions. Low beams should be only used for what driving conditions.

Bright beams-Open country driving (no other
cars around)
Low beams- A vehicle is approaching you or when behind
another vehicle.

How many feet should you park from:

a. fire hydrant 10 b. crosswalk 25 c. stop sign 50

You are not allowed to park in front of a:

fire hydrant, bus stop zone, or in front of a

A driver should never stop/park in front of a public driveway unless?

Unless directed so by the police.

What is the move over law? What is the fine?

Requires that all motorists approaching an emergency vehicle w/ flashing lights must change lanes
into another lane not adjacent (next to) to the authorized vehicle. Fine $100-$500.

A hand-held phone may only be used in emergency situations:

Fire , Traffic accident , Serious road hazzard
, Medical emergency , Hazardous materials

If a motorists vehicle becomes disabled or you need to make an emergency stop he/she must:

Pull off as far as possible onto the shoulder of the road or median and do not get out of your car.

When making a left turn from a two-way road onto a two-way road, you should?

Approach the lane nearest to the center of the road.

What is the accident prevention formula?

Be alert, be prepared, act in time

What is "highway hypnosis?

When a motorist has been behind the wheel for a long time he/she may experience "highway
hypnosis." This trance-like state may be avoided by not looking at any one thing for more than a few

motorist should always keep a _________from other cars on the road so he/she has
time to__________Following too closely is called__________.

safe following distance, react, tailgating

List and explain the two types of following distance methods

A. 3 second rule
B. 1 car length for every 10 mph

When someone is passing you, what should you do?

Slow down slightly

When are the roads most dangerous during a rainfall?

The first few minutes (lose traction with the road- hydroplaning)

How should a driver test his/her brakes after they have driven through a puddle?

pump brakes

When driving at night, how far ahead should you be able to stop?

The distance within the range of your car's headlights.

List 3 precautions you should take when driving in the city?
Watch for traffic/pedestrians

Watch for traffic/pedestrians
Don't make quick lane changes
Be alert and stay calm in traffic

How many seconds or city blocks should you be looking ahead?

12 seconds or 1 city block

What is a skid? What should you do first? How should you avoid a spin?

A sudden turn, lane change, or hard braking can throw a vehicle into a skid. It happens on wet or icy roads.
A motorist should take his/her foot off the gas pedal.
To avoid a spin, the motorist should turn in the direction the rear of the vehicle is skidd

If your vehicle's wheels run off the pavement, what should you do?

Slow down and regain control. Then turn slowly back onto the road.

What should you do if your brakes fail while driving?

A motorist should shift to a lower gear (L1 or L2) and pump the brake pedal fast and hard several

If a driver has a flat tire, he/she should_________,and keep the car going____________while slowing down. You should remove your foot from the gas pedal, but not use the_________. The vehicle should then____________on its own as you pull off to the
side o

hold the steering wheel firmly: straight , brake , coast to a stop

Which motorist is most at risk for drowsy driving?

A driver that's sleep deprived, a driver driving alone, and young people.

What is driving under the influence?

A driver's senses (vision, speech) and judgment are impaired by alcohol

After 2, 3, or 4 drinks alcohol begins to impair your___________, ______________ and ____________.

reaction time , coordination , and balance.

What should you do if your brakes fail while driving?

A motorist should shift to a lower gear (L1 or L2) and pump the brake pedal fast and hard several

What four factors is your BAC determined by?

Quantity of alcohol consumed
Body weight
How quickly drinks were consumed
Food eaten

You are considered underage in NJ if you are under___________and purchase and/or consume alcoholic
beverages found with a blood alcohol concentration of_____________while operating a vehicle.

21 years , .01

1.5 ounces of 80 proof liquor or 12 ounce bottle of beer or________________equals the same amount
of alcohol, � ounce of alcohol per drink.

5 oz glass of wine

What are three telltale signs of drinking and driving?

Speeding, weaving, slow driving, jerking motion, and quick stops

Hosts may become involved in a _________if a guest is involved in a ______
after leaving the party.

lawsuit, drinking and driving collsion.

What are the penalties for a motorist 21 years of age or older with a BAC between .08 and .10?

New Law (as of January 1, 2020): 1st time offenders (BAC .08-.10) IID (ignition interlock device) installed for 3 months
.10-.15 IID installed for 7 months
License suspensions reduced from 3 months to the time of installing the interlock device
.15+ licen

What is the implied consent law?

This means that motorists on New Jersey roadways have agreed, simply by using New Jersey
roadways, to submit to a breath test given by law enforcement or hospital staff following an arrest
for a drinking-and-driving offense. Motorists who refuse to take a

After completing a driver improvement program, he/she will be on____________period for __________.

probationary, 1 year

A motorist begins a 2 year probationary period after receiving a special learner's or
examination permit. During this time, a motorist convicted of 2 or more
moving violations_(totaling 4 or more pts) must enroll in a probationary driving program.

A motorist begins a 2 year probationary period after receiving a special learner's or
examination permit. During this time, a motorist convicted of 2 or more
moving violations_(totaling 4 or more pts) must enroll in a probationary driving program.

Up to_____will be subtracted from a driver's point total for every_______that the driver will be subtracted from a driver's point total for every

3 points; year

The total point will never be reduced


What is a habitual offender?

A habitual offender is a motorist whose driver's license has been suspended three times in three

The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident is to:

Not drive at all after drinking.

If you accumulate 6+ points w/in 3 years, you are subject to a surcharge of $150. How much is the surcharge


If involved in a motor vehicle accident that causes injury to another person while your driving privileges are
suspended, you are subject to what consequences?

Fines, continued suspension of your driving privileges, potential jail time.

What is the only thing that can sober a person up?


If it's snowing out, what % longer will it take a truck to stop?


What type of insurance is mandatory in NJ?

Liability insurance

All gasoline-fueled vehicles, except new cars, registered in NJ must pass__________ and every _____________at a state inspection facility or state-licensed private inspection facility.

state safety, emessions, 2 years

When moving to NJ from another state, you must have your vehicle inspected w/in______________after
registering for it. (You have 60 days to register your vehicle when moving into NJ)

14 years;

A lost or stolen driver's license or license plates should be reported to___________________.

the police

What are some things a driver must do in order to secure safety for pedestrians? List 3.

1. Yield the right-of-way in a crosswalk 2. Be alert and obey speed limits 3. Never pass another vehicle that has stopped to yield to a pedestrian

What color(s) are used to alert motorists that they must share the road with pedestrians and bicyclists?


Inline skaters, skateboarders, and bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as_____________

moving motor vehicles

How much is the penalty for pedestrians under 17 who violate the pedestrian law?


Driving with an uninsured vehicle can result in?

Fines, community service, license and registration suspension, and violation surcharges.

If you sell your car (don't buy another), what should you do with the license plates?

Give them back to MVC or mail them to MVC

What are the possible symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, nausea/vomiting, chest pain, confusion

What could potentially cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to accumulate inside a vehicle?

An exhaust leak or blocked tailpipe and running the engine in an enclosed space (garage)

If someone is suspected of suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, what should you do immediately?

Remove the person from the source of the CO and call 911 for immediate medical attention.

Road Sign Shapes

Stop= Octagon
Warning= Diamond
Yield= Triangular
Railroad= Circle