History Ch. 3

New England settlement patterns suffered greatly because

New Englanders applied for township grnats and settled areas as groups and church congregations

Which of the following groups of immigrants settles primarily in the backcountry and was driven not by religion but by the lure of cheap land?


Jonathan Edward's famous sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" described

The gruesome reality of Hell

The earliest English colonists in the North American colonies had a relatively low death rate until the 1750s


The English revivalist who preached to thousands, urged him listeners to experience a sudden moment of conversion and salvation, and so impressed Benjamin Franklin was

George Whitefied

New Englanders, more than southerners, turned to the sea for their livelihood


Which church dominated the Chesapeake region by 1700?


Which of the following is true of the Stono Rebellion?

It tightened controls on slaves

As slavery became more important to the economy of the colonies, some slaves became skilled carpenters, blacksmiths, and other types of craftsman over tiem


Which of the following statements about slave codes is correct?

They formalized the institution of race-based slavery by outlining the local laws that governed slave life

Most African men and women who were taken to the American colonies abandoned their traditional religion for Christianity


Initially, in the early 17th century, many of the first slaves were treated like indentured servant's in earned their freedom


Which of the following is the best explanation for the Salem witch craze?

The controversy reflected the social division and anxieties within the village

Early settlers of Puritan new England typically lived

in communities where church and state were intertwined

Which of the following statements accurately describes the impact of the religious revivals known as the great awakening?

They influenced the forces leading to the revolution against Great Britain, as did the enlightenment in many ways

In the 17th century, the cash crop that was the basis of the economy in Virginia and Maryland was


During the 18th century, demand for slaves in the southern colonies declined slightly


The largest number of German immigrants to the colonies settled in


New Lights differed from Old Lights by:

incorporating democracy and emotionalism into faith

Puritan commitment to education is best explained by their:

need to read the Scriptures