Which of the following battles was fought in the western theatre?


he first seven Southern states that seceded were

A) in the lower South.
B) the states where the largest concentration of slaves were located.
C) the home of the most outspoken "fire eaters."
D) not possessed of the military strength to fight a war.
E) All these answers are correct

Which of the following stands did President Buchanan take after the first state seceded?

No state has the right to secede from the Union; however, the federal government does not have the authority to stop a state from seceding from the nation.

At Fort Sumter,

the Confederates fired the first shot of the Civil War.

Which of the following was true when the Civil War began?

All the important material advantages lay with the North.

Which of the following was an advantage enjoyed by the South at the outset of the war?

A) It would be fighting, for the most part, a defensive war.
B) Most of the white population of the South supported the war.
C) Northern opinion on the war was divided.
D) The South had better military commanders.
E) All these answers are correct.

Historians have debated all of the following about the Civil War EXCEPT

whether the slaves contributed to the Northern victory.

The New York City draft riots

Included lynchings of a number of African Americans.

Which of the following was NOT enacted by the Republican Party during the Civil War?

hard money policies requiring all payments in gold or silver

In which of the following acts did Lincoln NOT "ignore" the Constitution?

putting diplomatic pressure on England not to recognize the Confederacy

During the Civil War, Northern women

entered nursing, a field previously dominated by men.

The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves

in areas of the Confederacy except those already under Union control.

The Union Army

had a higher mortality rate for black soldiers than white soldiers.

The Confederacy ultimately financed its war effort through

paper money.

The greatest source of division in the South was

the doctrine of states' rights.

The most concrete legacy of the Civil War for Southern white women was the

decimation of the male population and the creation of a major sexual imbalance in the region.

In England, which of the following supported the South?

ruling classes

The United States was upset when England declared neutrality because

It meant that the two sides in the conflict were of equal stature.

The first battle of the Civil War was

Wilson's Creek.

The last major battle of George McClellan's tenure as commanding general of the Army of the Potomac was


Sherman's march through Georgia was designed to

break the will of the Southern people.

King Cotton diplomacy

was a failure.