Mod 4 Sec 2 US History

West Virginia

Which state seceded from Virginia to remain loyal to the Union after Virginia decided to join the Confederacy?

the people were divided on how to proceed

What was the attitude toward secession in border states?

Deep South states

President James Buchanan argued that the President did not have authority over the actions of __________, but that he did have the authority to ensure all individuals followed federal laws.


The Confederate bombardment of Fort __________ caused Abraham Lincoln to issue a proclamation of war.

Robert E. Lee

In the early years of the war, to whom was the command of Union forces offered by Winfield Scott?

with indecisiveness

How did the federal government react to secession?

The Missouri Compromise

The Crittenden Compromise would have essentially extended which previous compromise?


After Lincoln's declaration of war, to which state did the rest in the upper South look for leadership?

The Thirteenth

Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery?

75,000 troops
a blockade of southern ports

After Lincoln declared war against the states in the Deep South that had seceded, he called for what? [choose all that apply]

It had a strong navy that made trading with foreign countries difficult for the Union

Which of the following was NOT an example the South had during the war?

by printing money not backed by gold or silver

How did the governments of the North and South attempt to finance the Civil War?


In the early days of the Civil War both sides saw a large response of volunteer soldiers, later both sides passed ______________ laws that required men to serve in the military.

The Confederate Congress and Jefferson Davis refused to work with each other to pass legislation

Which of the following was NOT an example of how the South suffered from a lack of strong leadership?

to be jailed without the benefit of a trial or without being charged.

Lincoln's suspension of the writ of habeas corpus was unprecedented and it allowed those suspected of conspiring with the Confederacy

the people of the South often went hungry

Because of the South's inefficient transportation system in the Civil War,

civil liberties

During the Civil War, Lincoln had a difficult time balancing the need to manage the war with the ___________ _______________ of the people.


The first resource that a war consumes is a nation's

Great Britain

Which two (2) nations did the Confederate government hope would support their efforts against the Union? [choose 2]


The North's advantage in __________________ during the Civil War was probably its most important asset in spite of the issues of corruption and low quality manufactured goods.

it ended in a Union defeat, much as the First Battle of Bull Run had done

What was the result of the Second Battle of Bull Run?


The single bloodiest day in American military history occurred at the Battle of __________.

short, lasting no longer than the end of the summer of 1861

Many believed that the Civil War would be


The Battle of __________ nearly annihilated the Union army in the West, but the Confederate high command's hesitation allowed the Union army to regroup.

Anaconda Plan

General Winfield Scott proposed the __________ __________, a system that called for the North to encircle and divide the Confederacy.

Robert E. Lee

After General Joseph E. Johnston was seriously wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines, who took command of the Army of Northern Virginia?

Stalemate the North until Lincoln was forced to negotiate

The southern strategy to counter the Anaconda Plan was:

it signaled the beginning of modern naval warfare

Although the battle between the ironclads CSS Virginia and USS Monitor (Monitor and the Merrimack) was inconclusive, it was important because it


After watching six waves of Union soldiers cross more than a mile of open land and cut down by Confederate artillery at the Battle of __________, Robert E. Lee wrote, "It is well that war is so terrible�we should grow too fond of it.

Bull Run

The first major land battle of the Civil War was __________.


During the Election of 1864, Abraham Lincoln faced a political challenge from the _______________, Democrats who wished to make peace with the Confederacy.

The great cost of the war made many people in the Union believe destroying slavery�the basis of the South's economic and social structure�was the best way to bring the Confederacy down.

Which of the following was NOT a reason emancipation became a natural part of the Civil War?

to put down the rebellion
to preserve the Union

From the beginning of the war, the stated goals of the Union were [choose all that apply]


During the Election of 1864, Abraham Lincoln's nomination was almost blocked by the ___________ Republicans.


How many African Americans served in the Union army during the Civil War?

A drought had caused the crops to fail for three consecutive years

Which of the following was NOT a reason the Confederate economy was in shambles by 1863?

the blockade severely limited trade in the South

Why did Confederate attempts to raise revenue by tariffs not work?

War Democrats

Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's running mate in the election of 1864, belonged to which political party?

all forms of involuntary servitude

What did the Thirteenth Amendment make illegal?

they were paying the price to support the power of the planter aristocracy

As the Civil War raged on, Southern planters not only lost control of their slaves, they also lost the support of poor whites who believed

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

At Chancellorsville, Robert E. Lee felt that he had "lost" his "right arm" when this officer was shot by his own men by mistake:

William Tecumseh Sherman

Whose famous "March to the Sea" left a 250-mile strip of destruction across Georgia?

Ulysses S. Grant

On April 9, 1865,General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia to

U. S. Grant

After the Union took control of eastern Tennessee, Lincoln believed he had finally found a competent commander and promoted which Union general to be general in chief?


While Lee was trying to circle Washington D.C. to approach the city from the north, he met Union troops outside the small Pennsylvania town of __________ and engaged them for three days there.


The Battle of __________ marked the last significant victory of Lee's career.

Cemetery Ridge

Some historians argue that the Confederates lost the Civil War at what part of the Battle of Gettysburg?


In Lincoln's speech at the dedication of the military cemetery at Gettysburg he stated that the outcome of the war would be a "new birth of _____________.


The western theater of the American Civil War focused on this city that was essential for the Union to gain control of the Mississippi River

to make slow, cautious movements in the hopes that the Confederacy would fall elsewhere

Which of the following was NOT one of Grant's decisions regarding the war in Virginia?

Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe had a great impact and contributed to the divide.

What novel written in 1852 became one of the most impactful in American history and contributed to the growing sectional divide?

Political parties began to split over slavery before the height of controversy.

What institutions began to split over slavery before the political controversy reached its height?

They required people to join the army and the South was more affected by them.

Describe what a conscription law entails and explain which side was more affected by it during the Civil War.