HSC 180 Exam 2 - Ball State Dr. Jones


a future event toward which a committed endeavor is directed; take longer to complete; ex: helping employees learn how to manage their stress


steps taken in pursuit of a goal; more precise; ex: learning objective

Behavioral objective statement

Change in behavior

Learning objective statement

Change in awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills

Environmental objective statement

Change in environment

What are the primary topics of controversy in school health education?

sex, suicide, substance use and abuse, STD, dating violence, death, abstinence; health is not a core subject so it receives little attention so they deal with parents

What qualifies an infant as being classified as "low birth weight?

Less than 5.5 lbs or 2500 g

What age do we consider an infant?

under 1

What age do we consider neonatal?

First 28 days of life

What age do we consider a child?


How is the State Children's Health Insurance Program funded?

State and Federal government through Tobacco tax

Program planning

a process by which an intervention is planned to help meet the needs of a priority population

Planning model

the means by which structure and organization are given to the planning process

phasing in

implementation of an intervention with a series of small groups instead of the entire population

priority population

those whom a program is intended to serve

pilot test

a trial run of an intervention

needs assessment

the process of collecting and analyzing information to develop an understanding of the issues, resources, and constraints of the priority population, as related to the development of the health promotion program

In the context of community health organizing, which is the least accessible? Primary, secondary, or potential building blocks?

Potential building blocks

What sorts of people most often comprise School Health Advisory Councils?

Representation from each of the 8 components and district administrators, parents, students, and community representatives involved in the health and well-being of students. School health coordinator

What is Title X, and what populations does it primarily serve in the context of the funding it provides?

Federal program that provides funds for family planning services for low-income people; aims to reduce unintended pregnancy by providing contraceptive and other reproductive health care services to low-income women

How have suicide rates for adolescents and young adults changed over the last 50 years?

They have increased

What is the "gag rule" related to family planning, and how has it changed?

Prohibited doctors from telling women in federally funded clinics that abortion was a legal option, and where it could be obtained ; it is brought up now; enacted in 1984, rescinded in 2009

What elements are a part of the "priority health content" in school education?

Alcohol, drugs, healthy eating, mental and emotional health, personal health and wellness, physical activity, safety, sexual health, tobacco, violence prevention

What are the steps in community organizing/planning?

1. Recognizing the issue
2. Gaining entry into the community
3. Organizing the people
4. Assessing the community
5. Determining the priorities and setting goals
6. Arriving at a solution and selecting intervention strategies
7. Implementing, Evaluating, m

What is the number one cause of death in adults?

25-44 (unintentional injuries) 45-64 (cancer)

What population receives the highest majority of all abortions performed?

Women age 20-29 and unmarried women

Among high school students, what specific population has the highest rate of smokeless tobacco use?

White Males

What is the leading modifiable cause of low birth weight in pregnancy?


What is the primary cause of unintentional deaths in children?

Unintentional injuries related to transportation; seatbelt

What population does "Monitoring the Future assess?

Examines drug behaviors in 8th, 10th, and 12th grade to adults through age 50

In what areas are most school health centers operating today?

Urban settings

Do maternal deaths occur more frequently in developed or developing countries? What type of community health statistic is the most severe measure of ill health for pregnant women?

Developing countries; Maternal mortality rates

What population rates are the highest in new acquisition of STDS?

65 and older

When considering adolescent males and females, who has a higher mortality rate?


Approximately how many female college students report being a part of an emotionally abusive relationship, in the past school year?


What elements are a part of prenatal health care?

Care from prior pregnancy to the end, exercise, nutrition, doctors appointments