Module 1- French 2 Review

La Tour Eiffel

-Gustave Eiffel designed and participated in construction through the Parisian criticism and won the 1889 World's fair contest with his tower tribute to the french revolution.

La Tour Eiffel 2

-people thought that it was an eyesore, and it was supposed to only be up for 20 years, but it was a tourist attraction that paid for itself

La Tour Eiffel 3

-986 ft tall, 18,000 pieces, repainted every 7 years, darker at bottom, resists strong winds, never sways more than four inches.
-6 million visitors per year

Beauty, Age, Goodness, and Size

All adjectives go after noun unless...


Verb with "to" in front of it

Sois! Soyez! Soyons!

Imperatives of Etre

est, sont

The final "t" in _________ and __________ is pronounced before a vowel sound. Final constants of other forms also in front of vowel sound.

La Martinique

-Christophe Colomb discovers La Martinitque 1502 and 17th century France owned it
-Habitants are of French nationality today, official language is French but creole is spoken on streets- a mixture of French and African
-Looks like France more than Caraibe

Cuisine et Carnaval

-Food is mixturre of French and creole with spices. court-bouillon is national meal
-International day of creole Banzil Kreyol
-Mardi Gras- Fat Tuesday- wear black and white
-puppet is symbol


-Art represents folk tales in Willy lapin, Compere labin-books written on descendants of African island
-Zouk music is popular and profit comes from beaches