CTPR 327 Week 1

What is the most valuable resource on set


What is the most valuable principle on set


What is Cinematography

Lighting and camera work

What is Lighting

Contrast and intensity

What is Camera Work

Movement, Eyeline angle and Focal lengths

How Does Cinematography Work?

Persistence of Vision, Displacement and Frame Rate

What are the three ways to control exposure

Shutter, Iris and ISO


The size of the opening of the Aperture (focal Length / Size of opening)

The smaller the f/stop (lighting)

the more light gets in, the bigger the opening

The greater the f/stop (depth of field)

the greater depth of field by letting in less photons

If you wanna double the brightness of the image, you double

the ISO

Color Temperature is a spectrum

The spectrum is measured by degrees Kelvin
Incandescent light is roughly 3200 K
Daylight is roughly 5600 K
Fluorescent light is roughly 4400 K