Discovering our Past: A History of the world-Chapter 10 Flashcards

A narrow piece of land linking two arguer areas of land.


Amount included within limits.


To Connect




Made up of many related parts


to leave, often because of danger


To successfully complete a task; to gain something by working for it.


A depression or hollow where soil has collapsed


To describe something at will happen in the future.


To depend on


To hand our or deliver, especially to members of a group.


Not permanent; lasting for a limited period.


A tool used in mathematics and as a system of historical record
keeping. Uses knot to represent number and items.


A square wooden home.


How did sinkholes help the Maya?

It gave Maya a year around source of water, thru a network of
underground rivers and streams.

How did a Hogan differ from a tepee?

A hogan is square wooden home, whereas a teepee is a cone shaped home
made of stretched animal hides.

What role did Inca emperors play in the lives of their subjects?

They created a strong central government, set up taxes, legal courts,
and military post. They required the people to learn the language
(Quechua). They also made the people work for the government for
several weeks each year.

How did establishing a confederacy benefit Woodlands Native Americans?

The confederacy was the first constitution, or plan of government, in
what is now the United States.

How did Native groups on the pacific Coast differ from those in the southwest?

built apartment like homes from sun dried mud bricks, dug
irrigation canals to bring water to them, crops were corn, beans,
squash, and melons.
used cedar trees to build wooden houses and canoes. they haunted
and fished for otters, seals, whales, and salmon.

Pueblo Bonito was an important trade or religious center for?
A. The Inuit
b. The Anasazi
C. The Haida
D. The Navajo

B. The Anasazi

Which of the following is the major waterway fro central part of
North America?
A. The amazon Rivier
B. The Hudson River
C. The Mississippi River
D. The Red River

C. The Mississippi

Which of the following represents an achievement made by Maya?
A. Calendar System
B. Floating Gardens
C. Quipu
D. Terrace Farming

A. Calendar Sytems

Native Americans living on the Great Plains
A. were part of the Iroquois league.
B. Set up temporary villages.
C. Haunted for walruses and Caribou
D. Built homes from stone and blocks of earth.

B. Set up temporary villages that lasted for only one or two growing seasons.

Which was the most important food in the Americans?
A. Squash
B. Potatoes
C. Beans
D. Corn

D. Corn

Early Americans living in which of the following areas dug irrigation
canals to carry river water to their fields?
A. Southwest
B. Pacific Coast
C. Great Plains
D. Eastern Woodlands

A. Southwest People

Which is the main area of the Americas is an isthmus?

Central America is an isthmus or a narrow piece of land that connects
the larger areas of land.

How did Maize help early people in the Americas?

It became the most important food in the Americas.

How did prehistoric people reach the Americas?

Scientist think that people walked across the land bridge from Asia
into the Americas durning the last Ice Age.

Why was Cuzco significant to the Inca?

It was the capital of the Inca Empire and their homeland.

What did early societies in North America have in common?

They developed their own ways of living, through hunting growing
crops, and trading.