Discovering our Past: A History of the world Flashcards

To bring into existence; to produce by course of action


A short story that teaches a principle about what is good behavior


the act of rising from the dead


Christian leader chosen by jesus to spread his message


the act of being saved from the effects of sin


Why did Jesus preach using parables?

They were stories about things his listeners could understand, using
events from everyday life.

How did the apostles spread the message of Jesus?

They first spoke to the jews of Judaea and Galilee. They then
traveled to other parts of the mediterranean regain. Those who
accepted jesus were christians, they then formed churches and began teaching.

A broad geographic area


people living in a particular area; the area itself


a person who is willing to die for his or her beliefs


Relating to the armed forces.


Church Officials


An organization with different levels of authority


Regular church members


Official church teaching


The accounts that apostles wrote of Jesus's Life


They title given to the bishop of Rome


How did church doctrine help to unify early christians?


How is the pope similar to and different from other bishops?


Identify: What were the two main reasons christianity spread during
Roman times?


Why were early christians considered traitors to the Roman Empire?


Compare the responsibilities of a priest and a bishop in the early
christian church.

A priest led worship services and managed local activities.
Bishops explained the christian beliefs, was in charge of the entire
regions know as the archbishop. They defined the teachings of the church.

A representation of an object of worship


Originally: A person who destroys icons. Today: a person who
criticizes tradition beliefs.


To declare that a person or group is no longer a member of the church.


A separation of division from a church


A religious community


Is an iconoclast someone who believes in using icons in worship or
someone who opposes this practice?


When the early church underwent a schism, does that mean it changed
its most important doctrines?


What different views of the role of the church in government did
eastern and western churches have?


What were monasteries and what purpose did they serve?


How did the cyrillic alphabet help the spread of Christianity?


How did the jews respond to Roman rule?