Art history 1380 quiz 4 Flashcards

Which of the following factors contributed to the new, more humane
conception of Christ in Gothic thought and sculpture?

Devotion to Mary as his mother

What is the subject of the tympanum over the central portal (ie. the
main entrance) on the West fa�ade of Chartres?

The Second Coming of Christ

Why are the West fa�ade portals called the �royal portals�?

The jamb figures represent Biblical Kings and Queens

How is the Christ on the West fa�ade of Chartres represented
differently than the Christ at Autun or other Romanesque churches?

The Chartres Christ is carved in higher relief

The sculpture of the jamb figures at Chartres reflect the Gothic
period�s great interest in


What are some of the subjects represented in the archivolts at Chartres?

(a) signs of the zodiac, (c) labors of the month and (d) Ancient
Greek Philosophers

Where is the �Beau Dieu� represented at Chartres?

Trumeau on the South Portal

To trace the development in the Gothic representation of the human
figure, put the jambs at Chartres in their correct relative
chronological order:

Biblical Kings and Queens, Abraham and Isaac, Annunciation & Visitation

What changes do we see in the later jamb figures at Chartres compared
to the earlier ones?

All of the above: The figures are increasingly more independent from
architecture, The latest figures interact with each other to create
narrative scenes, Some of the later figures stand in an almost
contrapposto-like pose, and the clothing/drapery becomes more
Classicizing and flowing

Who or what is the �Beau Dieu�?

Christ as a gentle teacher

What are some of the classicizing features found in Gothic sculpture
as seen at Chartres?

All of the above: Contrapposto-like stance, greater naturalism than
in the Romanesque period, flowing clothing similar to the wet-drapery technique

It is possible to see differences in the Gothic representation of
figures at Chartres because

The figures were carved at different times as the parts of the church
were built

Subject matter found in the sculpture of Chartres Cathedral includes

all of the above: (a) saints, (b) Hebrew figures, (c) stories from
the life of Christ, and (d) stories from the Hebrew Bible

Chartres was an important church in part because

(a) it housed a relic of Mary's blouse and (c) the Scholastics
gathered there

A sign that Mary was becoming more important during the Gothic period
than she was in earlier Christian belief is evident at Chartres in

events in which she was a major character are included in some of the tympana