History Of The Chicago Bulls Flashcards

Everyone knows who Michael Jordan is, but not everyone knows about
the team around him that was with him through the success.
The team that Michael Jordan played on was the Chicago Bulls. This
was a team that has seen some great successes and is considered a
well-rounded National Basketball League team from year-to-year.
I have been a Chicago Bulls fan for as long as I have been alive,
and I have followed them throughout the successes and failures that
they have had since I was little.

The topics that will be covered will be on the History of the Chicago
Bulls, the legends of the team throughout history, and impressive
statistics about the dynasty.
Transition: To start things off, let's find out how the Chicago
Bulls came to be a basketball team.

History of the team:
Bulls were formed in 1966-present; they are part of the Central
Division and part of the Eastern Conference; 9 Division Titles; 6
conference titles; 6 NBA championships; They have never lost an NBA
Finals. Retired Numbers: 4 (Jerry Sloan), 10 (Bob Love), 23 (Michael
Jordan), and 33 (Scottie Pippen)

Games are played at United Center in Chicago, IL, known for having
the one of the NBA's greatest dynasties (Michael Jordan Era) winning 6
championships between 1991-1998, with two 3-peats. 1995-1996 season,
first team in NBA history to win 70 games in a regular season (72).
Warriors did this past year beat their record with 73 wins. Many
experts consider the 1996 Bulls to be one of the greatest teams in NBA history.
According to Forbes, as of 2016, the Bulls are the 3rd most valuable
NBA franchise with a value of about 2.3 billion.
They share rivalries with the Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks,
Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Bulls-Pistons rivalry was very
heated in late 1980s and early 1990s

Their Mascot is Benny the Bull. Been the mascot since 1969. had a
cousin da bull in 1995, person got arrested for weed and cousin was retired.
Transition: Now that you know where the team came from and who they
are, how about some legends that made the team's successes as well as
made a name for themselves through Chicago Bulls brand.

Michael Jordan: high school: sophomore year, didn't make varsity.
made it his junior and senior year. selected for mcdonalds
all-american team after averaging a triple-double per game (29.2
points, 11.6 rebounds, 10 assists).
college: went to north carolina; named ACC freshman of the year;
made the game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA championship game against
georgetown, lead by future NBA rival Patrick Ewing. Named
NCAA-All-american First Team sophomore and junior year. was awarded
national college player of the year in 1984 before he was drafted in
1984 by the bulls. became rookie of the year in and an all star
player. got so much hype, other players refused to pass him the ball.
became a sensation and was considered one of the best players in history.

List of Awards that he picked up while playing for the Bulls:
6� NBA champion (1991�1993, 1996�1998) 6� NBA Finals
MVP (1991�1993, 1996�1998) 5� NBA Most Valuable Player
(1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998) 14� NBA All-Star (1985�1993,
1996�1998, 2002�2003) 3� NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996,
1998) 10� All-NBA First Team (1987�1993, 1996�1998)
All-NBA Second Team (1985) NBA Defensive Player of the
Year (1988) 9� NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988�1993,
1996�1998) NBA Rookie of the Year (1985)

10� NBA scoring champion (1987�1993, 1996�1998) 3� NBA
steals leader (1988, 1990, 1993) 2� NBA Slam Dunk Contest
champion (1987, 1988) NBA All-Rookie Team (1985)
NBA playoffs all-time leading scorer Chicago Bulls
all-time leading scorer No. 23 retired by Chicago
Bulls No. 23 retired by Miami Heat No. 23 retired by
the University of North Carolina 3� AP Athlete of the Year
(1991, 1992, 1993) 2� USA Basketball Male Athlete of the
Year (1983, 1984) NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team

after retirement in 1994, he played baseball for the birmingham
barons. Not a very good baseball player. Went back to the bulls.
though he finally retired in 2003, he is still popular for product
endorsements. He has his own line of Nike's Air Jordan sneakers. J's
have made him way too much money. starred in space jam as himself. in
2006, he became part owner and head of basketball operations for the
Charlotte bobcats. jordan became the first billionaire NBA player in
history and the world's second richest african american. He is also
one of the most successful african american business owners in history.

scottie pippen: went to college at university of central arkansas.
walked-on to the team. senior year he gained all-american honors and
he was drafted by the seattle supersonics (no longer a team) and was
traded to the bulls. This began the reign of the dream team with
michael jordan. he was considered the jelly to the peanut butter
sandwich that michael jordan made. scottie was known for his bank shot
and his amazing defensive prowess

His awards he picked up while playing in the NBA:
6� NBA champion (1991�1993, 1996�1998) 7� NBA
All-Star (1990, 1992�1997) NBA All-Star Game MVP
(1994) 3� All-NBA First Team (1994�1996) 2� All-NBA
Second Team (1992, 1997) 2� All-NBA Third Team (1993,

8� NBA All-Defensive First Team (1992�1999) 2� NBA
All-Defensive Second Team (1991, 2000) NBA steals leader
(1995) NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team No. 33
retired by Chicago Bulls USA Basketball Male Athlete of the
Year (1996)

Derrick Rose: not a legend like the other two I talked about. more
present figure. played for memphis for 1 year before being drafted
into the NBA as the number 1 draft pick by the bulls. was named rookie
of the year and mvp of that first year, youngest player to receive an
mvp. he was the up and coming star for the bulls then injuries hit.
acl in 2012, meniscus in 2013. injuries plagued him on the bulls. he
was finally traded to the knicks.

awards that he picked up in years with the bulls:
NBA Most Valuable Player (2011) 3� NBA All-Star
(2010�2012) All-NBA First Team (2011) NBA Rookie of
the Year (2009) NBA Skills Challenge champion (2009)

transition: now that you know about the dynasty and the well-known
legends of the chicago bulls, here are some statistics that will show
you the dominance they were able to achieve.
Statistics: (use graphs on PowerPoint)

The Chicago Bulls have been a historically famed team and are very
well-known. They have legends that have come out of the organization
and have been able to challenge the best of the best for numerous
years throughout their history. I hope that you enjoyed learning about
the dynasty that is the Chicago Bulls. Thank you for your time.