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The beginning

In the 1860's, the British game called "rugby" came to
america. At the same time athletic clubs became hot around america. A
variation of the sport mad called "American Football" was created.

The first game

On November 6, 1869, the teams from rutgers and Princeton met up for
the first ever football games. There were 20 men on each team and
there were not many rules so the game looked a lot like rugby. There
was only running and no forward passes.

New rules

In 1892 the coach from Yale decided to cut the players on each team
to 11. He also instituted to the familiar "Downs" system we
use today.

olden day injuries

The new rules were not protecting. By 1905 nearly 100 navy players
suffered serious injuries and there were 18 deaths linked to football.

Teddy Rosevelt jumps in

Teddy Roosevelt called upon Harvard Yale and Princeton to change the
game. They created the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
a new institute supporting the forward pass.

The new league

On September 17, 1920 the American Professional Football Association
was formed. It was a 10 team league that only lasted 2 years. It was
reorganized in 1922. It was now called the NFL (National Football League).

Rival league

A rival league, the AFL (American football league was formed in the
1960's. The 2 leagues competed for players which made salaries go higher.

Coming together

In 1966 the 2 leagues merged. they agreed that each leagues champ
"The Super Bowl

In the end

In the following years football has become the most popular sport in
america, a billion dollar company, and a key part in american
thanksgiving and new years celebrations. The Superbowl is now a world
wide phenomenon and a unofficial holiday.

Players and records

This section will be all about the best players and some of the
biggest days in football.


O.J. Simpson was a great running-back. He was born on July 9, 1947.
O.J. stands for Orenthal James. He was the first ever running-back to
overcome 2000 yards in a season. This was in his 1973 season where he
averaged a whopping 6 yards a carry.

Rice is nice

Jerry Rice was born on October 13, 1962. He got drafted straight to
the NFL from college. He was drafted right away. He was a 6 foot 2 200
pound wide receiver that imediatley showed special talents. In his
first year he caught a crazy 49 passes for 927 yards. This might be
not a lot compared to others. but he was a rookie. He later in his
carear became to have the most touchdowns in NFL History. His ending
stats were 1549 receptions, 22,895 yards. and average of 14.8 yards a
receptions, and 197 touchdowns. Jerry Rice is a true legend

Mean, lean, green machine

Probably the best defensive tackle for the Steelers, or maybe even
all time is #75 "Mean" Joe Greene. He was born September 24,
1946. Joe was 6 foot 4 and only 260 pounds which is not a lot compared
to other defensive tackles. He had the 3rd most career stats at 66.
Tied for 2nd with most fumble recoveries in a season at 5.

The end.