History for the IB Diploma: Unification and Consolidation of Germany and Italy 1815-90: Germany 1862-71 - Detail Flashcards

Railway network between 1841-47

375 km to 2325 km


Dreyse 1848

Krupps artillery works

Essen, Rhineland

Popular support of the army

Landwehr (reserve troops)

Wilhelm I comes to power and send Bismarck off to Russia


Albrecht von Roon

appointed Minister of War 1859


1862-65 in order to collect taxes for army reforms


conservative pesant reform

Convention of Gastein


Helmut von Moltke

Field Marshal Prussian army

Peace of Prague

August 1866

North German Confederation


Leopold von hohenzollern-Simaringen

July 1870 candidature for Spanish throne

Ems Telegram

July 1870

Treaty of Frankfurt

5 billion marcs in French reparations

German Empire

declared 1871 in Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors