Ch.3 Migration


monies migrants send home to family

cyclic movement

short periods away from home

periodic movement

long periods way from home


degree of permanence across signifcant distances in which the mover may never return home

activity spaces

daily rountine moves within a local area


type of cyclic movement that is a matter of survival, culture, and tradition

migrant labor

a type of periodic movement in which involves millions of workers in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide


a system of pastoral farming in which ranchers move livestock according to the seasonal availabiliy of pastures, it is also a type of periodic movement

military service

a type of periodic movement in which as many as 10 million U.S. citizens are moved to new locations where they will spend tours of duty that can last several years

international migration

movement across country borders (also called external migration)

internal migration

migration that occurs within a single country's borders

forced migration

the imposition of authority or power, producing involutary migration movements that cannot be understood based on theories of choice

voluntary migration

after a migrant weighs options and choices and can be analyzed and understood as a series of options or choices that result in movement

laws of migration

1.every migration flow generates a return or counter-migration
2.the majority of migrants move a short distance
3.migrants who move larger distances tend to choose big-city destinations
4.urban residents are less migratory than inhabitants of rural areas

gravity model

predicts interactions between places on the basis of their population size and distance between them

push factors

conditions and perceptions that help the migrant decide to leave a place

pull factors

the circumstances that effectively attract the migrant to certain locales from other places-the decision of where to go

distance decay

the effects of distance on interaction, generally the greater the distance the less interaction

step migration

streams that appear on maps as long, unbroken routes in fact consist of a series of stages

intervening opportunity

when African Americans by the tens of thousands migrated northward after World War 1 to seek work in growing cities like Chicago and Cleveland

kinship links

a migrant is often pulled to places where family and frends have already found success

chain migration

when the migrant chooses a destination and writes, calls, or communicates through others to tell family and friends at home about the new place

immigration waves

swells in migration from one origin to the same distination


interactions occurring at the scale of the world


people examining a region that is unknown to them


a physical process where the colonizer takes over another place, putting its own government in charge and either moving its own people into the place or bringing the indentured outsiders to gain control of the people and the land

regional scale

interactions occurrring within a region

islands of development

coastal cities because their establishment was based on access to trade

guest workers

legal immigrants who has a work visa, usually short term


people who have fled their country because of political persecution and seek asylum in another country

internal refugees

people who have been displaced with in their own countries and do not cross international borders as they flee

international refugees

people who have crossed one or more international boundaries during their dislocation, searching for asylum in a different country


shelter and protection in one state for refugees from another state

immigration laws

laws that restrict or allow migration of certain groups into a country; established to prevent the immigration of Chinese people to California


limit the number of migrants from each region into a country; permits the emigration to the U.S. of 3 percent of the number of its nationals living the the U.S. in 1910

selective immigration

individuals with certain backgrounds are barred from entering