Ap human geography chapter 1 test

environmental determinism

human geographers should apply laws from the natural sciences to understanding relationships between the physical environment and human actions. Humboldt and Ritter concentrated on how the physical environment caused social development

Gis(Geographic information system)

a computer system that can capture,store,query,analyze,and display geographic data.(involves storing information about a location in layers)

Gps(Global Positioning system)

a system that determines accurately the precise position of something on earth(absolute location)


a tool for storing reference material and a tool for communicating geographic information.

Robinson (map)

oval shaped(straight latitude lines/prime meridian,others curved)

longitiude(prime meridian)

up and down


east and west


rectangular(latitude/longitude ae parallel line)(designed to aid navigators(oceanic proportions)


the scienctific method of transferring locations on earth's surface to a flat map


people have the ability to adjust to their environment


large areas

formal region(uniform region or homogenous region)

an area within which everyone shares in common one or more distinctive characteristics

functional region(nodal region)

an area organized around a node or focal point

vernacular region(perceptual region)

a place that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity


the relationship between objects on a map and the same objects on earh


the smaller the area, the more detail,the larger the scale(classoom). the larger the area, the less detail the smaller the scale(campus)


the physical characteristic of a place


the location of a place relative to other places


(analysis) what is going on

space assocaiation

cause, effect

time zones

15 degrees, 24 time zones,(longitude)


the names given to a place on earth

why and where

Where and why human activities are located where they are.
why-explaning, where-position


Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people

meridian line principle

approach to dividing and creating boundaries that are otherwise difficult to determine at the midpoint between two places