Ap Hug chap 8 vocab


area organized into political unit ruled by established governmetn with control over internal and foreign affair (not state like missouri, but like spain)


a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

nation state

a state whose territory corresponds to that occupied by a particular ethnicity that has been transformed into a nationality

multinational state

state that contains two or more ethnic groups within traditions of self determination that agree to coexist peacefully by recognizing each other as a distinct nationality

stateless nation

The term stateless nation is used of ethnic groups which are not the majority population in any nation state and for whom it is implied that they "should have" such a state.


independence from control of its internal affaits by other states

micro state

states with small and areas

city state

sovereign sate that compromises a town and surrounding acontry side


territory that is legally tied to soverreign state rather tahan being completely independent


effort put by one country to establish settelments and impose political, economic and cultural principals on territory


control of territory already occupied and organized by indigenous society


invisible line making extent of states territory

compact state

distance from center to any boundary does not vary
--supposed to provide geographic stability
ex. Iceland, Poland

prorupt state

compact state with a large projecting extension
--can create room for factions
ex. southern thailand

elongated state

states with long and narrow shape
--can create separation
ex. vietnam, chile

fragmented state

includes several discontinuous pieces of territory
--interactions with other countries difficult
ex. azerbaizan

perforated state

state that completely surrounds another one
--broken by another country
ex. south africa (lesothe)


portion of territory of whose state surrounds another territory


portion of territory within or surrounded by larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally distinct

landlock state

lacks direct outlet to sea

unitary state

places most power in hands of central gov officials

federal state

allocates strong power to units of local government within country


process of redrawing legistlative boundaries for purpose of benefiting party in power


Extending beyond or transcending established borders or spheres of influence held by separate nations

united nations

international organization and attempy at peacemaking-- members vote to establish peace keeping


north american treaty organization--military allience between 16 countries after WWII

warsar pact

military agreement amongst communist eastern europe countries to defend each other in case of aattack


includes 35 states in Western hemisphere-promotes social, cultural, political and economic links among members


organization of security and cooperation in Europe- does not command armed forces, it can call on states to suppkly


organization for agrican unity-promoted end to colonialism in Africa


economic cooperation between europe

heartland theory

who rules east europe commans hearland- who rules heartland commands world island, who rules world island- rules world

rimland theory

domination of coastal fringes of Eurasia wold provide base for world conquest

organic theory

the view that states resemble biological organisms with life cycles that include all stages of life

boundary definition

a treaty like legal sounding document in whic hactual points in the landscape are described

boundary delimitation

the translation of a written boundary treaty into an official map representation

boundary demarcation

actual plaving of political boundary on landscape

geometric boundary

boundary that is defined and delimited as straight lines of arcs

natural political boundary

boundary that coincides withe prominent features in the natural landscape

antecedent boundary

boundary that existed before the cultural landscape and stayed while people moved in

subsequent boundary

boundary that existed because cultural landscape and staued while people move in

superimposed boundary

boundary placed by powerful outsiders

relict boundary

boundary that has ceased to function but whose impact can be defended on the cultural landscape

territorial dispute

whose land is is--focuses on legal stuff

positional dispute

delimination and demarcation


way boundary should function (cross border migration)


dispute over boundary due to resources