Chapter Four Culture Study Guide and Notes on cards

Shed Style House

popular house in late 1960s

Contemporary Style House

popular choice of architect-designed houses in the 1950s and 1970s

Split-level House

popular variant of the ranch house in 1950s and 1970s

Ranch House

dominant type of housing in the 1950s and 1960s

Minimal Traditional House

the dominant type of houses in the late 1940s and early 1950s


type of housing styles that architects say have dominated since the 1960s; 1960s is when they became popular


the first popular neo-eclectic style in the late 1960s and early 1970s


popular in the 1970s; characterized by dominant, steep-pitched front facing gables and half-timbered detailing


appeared in the early 1970s and by the early 1980s was the most fashionable style for new houses


an adaptation of English colonial houses that has been continuously popular since the 1950s but never dominant


an important symbol of diffusion of Western popular culture; a prized possession for young people throughout the world

Cultural Backgrounds

also affect the amount and types of alcohol and snack foods consumed

High income and national advertising

consumption of alcohol and snack foods is part of popular culture primarily dependent on these two factors

where people have sufficient income

popular culture flourishes where people have

Individual Clothing habits

reveal how popular culture can be distributed across the landscape with little regard for distinctive physical features

watching television

is an especially significant popular custom

Private corporations

in the U.S. most television stations are owned by who

Fostering cultural integration

in the past many governments viewed television as an important tool for what?

Porky Pig

cartoons featuring ____________________ may be banned in Muslim countries, where people avoid such products


one example of the symbolic importance of folk culture is _________

United States, United Kingdom, and Japan

three MDCs that dominate the television industry in LDCs; three countries that are the major exporters of programs

United States

in Europe, the ___________________ has been the source of imports of two-thirds of entertainment programs

Golf Courses

because of their large size, ____________ provide a prominent example of imposing popular culture on the environment

Fast-food restaurants

originally developed to attract people who arrived by car

Depletion of scarce natural resources and pollution of the landscape

the diffusion of some popular customs can impact environmental quality in what two ways?

popular culture

can pollute the environment

popular culture

characteristic of societies with good communications and transportation

folk culture

often exists among small, homogeneous groups

popular culture

large, heterogeneous societies

popular culture

generates a high volume of waste-solids, liquids, and gases- that must be absorbed into the environment

folk culture

can cause environmental damage when natural processes are ignored; also

Solid waste

the most visible of the three forms- cans, bottles, old cars, papers, and plastics

New England, Middle Atlantic, and Lower Chesapeake

three places are major hearths (or nodes) of folk house forms in the United States

food supply

One of the strongest connections that tie people to a certain environment is what


where the saltbox house type is most common to


when the peak of the popularity of the split-level house type was


A clothing style of popular culture that has diffused to much of the world is

north-central states

where the popularity of golf in the United States is greatest in

Relocation Diffusion

folk culture is an example of what?


state that contains the largest Amish population

idealized divine figures

the artistic custom of Tibetan Buddhists is to paint what?

folk culture

landscapes change relatively little over time

folk culture


folk culture

relocation diffusion

popular culture

hierarchical diffusion


repetitive act that an individual performs

popular culture

found in large, heterogeneous societies that share certain habits

look in its kitchen

One of the surest way to identify a family's ethnic origins

northeastern homes

Basements are more likely to be found in


the most important mechanism by which knowledge of popular culture is rapidly diffused around the world

lack of trees

Sod homes built during the 18th and 19th centuries in the Great Plains region were a response primarily to a _______________________

cultural values

Most food avoidance customs arise from _______ values