U1 Part 1d The Basic Skills of Geography

absolute location

You can locate the exact place on earth where a geographic feature, such as a city or a land-form is found.

relative location

When people describe a place in comparison to other places around it. e.g North-side high school is across from Marshall middle school.

economic map

This map will help you understand what a country can produce based on the resources it has available to make a product and how they use the land.

physical map

This type of map will describe the various landforms of a place. For example, deserts, mountains and rainforest etc...

political map

This map is used to help you locate the names of continents, countries, cities, and the boundary among these places.

population density

This map shows you the amount of people living in an area compared to the amount of arable land.

climate map

This map is used to help you understand the types of weather in a given place.

vegetation map

This map is used for you to identify the types of trees, grassland, and other types.

geographic information systems - GIS

This device stores information about the world in a digital database. It has the ability to combine information from a variety of sources, for example, it allows the user to visualize the use of space in different ways.

qualitative map

This map uses colors, symbols, dots, or lines to help you see patterns related to a specific idea.


This special map shows the size of each country that is drawn in proportion to that data, rather than to its true land size.