chapter 1 nursing today fundamentals of nursing

4. A nurse is caring for a patient with end-stage lung disease. The patient wants to go home on oxygen and be comfortable. The family wants the patient to have a new surgical procedure. The nurse explains the risk and benefits of the surgery to the family

2. advocate

1. You are preparing a presentation for your classmates regarding the clinical care coordination conference for a patient with terminal cancer. As part of the preparation you have your classmates read the Nursing Code of Ethics for Professional Registered

4. Defines the principles of right and wrong to provide patient care

2. An 18-year-old woman is in the emergency department with fever and cough. The nurse obtains her vital signs, listens to her lung and heart sounds, determines her level of comfort, and collects blood and sputum samples for analysis. Which standard of pr

3. Assessment

3. A patient in the emergency department has developed wheezing and shortness of breath. The nurse gives the ordered medicated nebulizer treatment now and in 4 hours. Which standard of practice is performed?
1. Planning
2. Evaluation
3. Assessment
4. Impl

4. Implementation

5. The nurse spends time with the patient and family reviewing the dressing change procedure for the patient's wound. The patient's spouse demonstrates how to change the dressing. The nurse is acting in which professional role?
1. Educator
2. Advocate

1. Educator

6. The examination for registered nurse (RN) licensure is exactly the same in every state in the United States. This examination:
1. Guarantees safe nursing care for all patients.
2. Ensures standard nursing care for all patients.
3. Ensures that honest a

4. Provides a minimal standard of knowledge for an RN in practice.

7. Contemporary nursing requires that the nurse has knowledge and skills for a variety of professional roles and responsibilities. Which of the following are examples? (Select all that apply.)
1. Caregiver
2. Autonomy and accountability
3. Patient advocat

1. Caregiver
2. Autonomy and accountability
3. Patient advocate
4. Health promotion

8. Match the advanced practice nurse specialty with the statement about the role.
1. Clinical nurse specialist
2. Nurse anesthetist
3. Nurse practitioner
4. Nurse-midwife
a. Provides independent care, including pregnancy and gynecological services
b. Expe

1b 2d 3c 4a

9. Health care reform will bring changes in the emphasis of care. Which of the following models is expected from health care reform?
1. Moving from an acute illness to a health promotion, illness prevention model
2. Moving from an illness prevention to

1. Moving from an acute illness to a health promotion, illness

10. A nurse meets with the registered dietitian and physical therapist to develop a plan of care that focuses on improving nutrition and mobility for a patient. This is an example of which Quality and Safety in the Education of Nurses (QSEN) competency?

3. Teamwork and collaboration

11. A critical care nurse is using a computerized decision support system to correctly position her ventilated patients to reduce pneumonia caused by accumulated respiratory secretions. This is an example of which Quality and Safety in the Education of Nu

4. Informatics

12. How does knowledge of genomics affect patient treatment decisions?

you know how to treat people based on their families traits

3. The nurses on an acute care medical floor notice an increase in pressure ulcer formation in their patients. A nurse consultant decides to compare two types of treatment. The first is the procedure currently used to assess for pressure ulcer risk. The s

4. Nurse researcher

14. Nurses in an acute care hospital are attending a unit-based education program to learn how to use a new pressure-relieving device for patients at risk for pressure ulcers. This is which type of education?
1. Continuing education
2. Graduate education

3. In-service education

15. Which of the following Internet resources can help consumers compare quality care measures? (Select all that apply.)
1. WebMD
2. Hospital Compare
3. Magnet Recognition Program
4. Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare
5. The American Hospital Asso

2. Hospital Compare
4. Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare