las actividades extracurriculares

(the) extracurricular activities

el ajedrez

(the) chess

el club

(the) club

el club atl�tico

(the) athletic club

el equipo

(the) team

la fotograf�a

(the) photography

el fot�grafo

(the) photographer (male)

los j�venes

(the) young people

el miembro

(the) member

ser miembro

to be a member

el pasatiempo

(the) pastime

la pr�ctica

(the) practice

la reuni�n (las reuniones - no acento)

(the) meeting

la animadora (el animador)

(the) cheerleader

las artes marciales

(the) martial arts

hacer gimnasia

to do gymnastics

el hockey

(the) hockey

jugar a los bolos (boliche)

to bowl

la nataci�n

(the) swimming

la banda

(the) band

el bailar�n (la bailarina-no acento)

(the) dancer

la canci�n (las canciones-no acento [all -ci�n words are feminine &have accent on "o" only in singular form])

(the) song

el cantante, la cantante

(male) singer and (female) singer

el coro

(the) chorus (choir)


to rehearse

el ensayo

(the) rehearsal

el m�sico - la m�sica

musician (m/f)

la orquesta (-STA not -stRa)

(the) orchestra

la voz (you never see Ze or Zi, but if you do change the z to a c)

(the) voice

las voces (U never see 'ze' or 'zi' but if you do change the "z" to "c")

(the) voices

asistir a

to attend


to win (earn)


to record

participar (en)

to participate (in)

tomar lecciones

to take lessons

volver (o?ue)

to return

crear una p�gina Web

to create a Web page

estar en l�nea

to be online

hacer una b�squeda (buscar= to search/look for)

to do a search

navegar (surfear) en la Red

to surf the Web

visitar salones de chat (el sal�n/los salones[no acento])

to visit chat rooms


among (between)

el inter�s

(the) interest

la oportunidad

(the) opportunity

las oportunidades

(the) opportunities

�Cu�nto tiempo hace que ...?

How long ...?

Hace (length of time) que ...
(example) Hace 5 minutos que estudio quizlet.

It has been (time) that ...
I've been studying quizlet for 5 minutes. or It's been 5 minutes that I've studied quizlet.

tan (adjective) como
(example) tan inteligente como

as (adjective) as

tanto (noun) como
tanto dinero como

as much (noun) as

tantos (noun/plural) como
tantos estudiantes como

as many (noun) as


to know (information or how to)


I know (how to)


you know (how to)


(s)he knows (how to)


we know (how to)


they know (how to)


to know (be acquainted with)


I know (am acquainted with)


you know (are acquainted with)


(s)he knows (is acquainted with)


we know (are acquainted with)


they know (are acquainted with)