SCOM Final


This product made from treated animal leather gradually replaced papyrus due to the formers greater durability and lower cost?


Earliest block printing comes from which country?

Copy the books without permission

When google began digitizing books in libraries around the world the authors of Guild...sued. What did they say google did wrong?


Group of investigative journalists focused their reports on scandles, corupition, and govt wrong doing

Partisan press

Early news papers in America...are known as?

music label

Party that receives most profit from a CD sale?


term describes when an only small number of companies control most of a market

Federal Communication Commission

federal agency primarily responsible for regulating broadcast radio

radio waves

What was Heinrish Hertz's contribution to radio development discovered


In 1919, the US Govt authorized the creation of a "Private sectors monopoly" for radio called...?


A combination of the words "Holywood" and the old name for the Indian city of mumbai

Year round temperate weather, various environments, far from Thomas Edison, (All of the above)

Why did the American movie industry move to holly wood?

Electronic Publishers

In the Mid-west Supreme court case...?


Because the media business is fractured between different...?

Sony was the first media company to develop a system for a global company working in specific local contexts. They call this business philosophy...?

Global Localization


According to McCheshey, the US led global media system is characterized by what political economical philosophy?

What does NWICO stand for?

New World Information and Communication Order

Focus Groups

Jahally and Lewis used a methodology that involves bringing people together in small numbers to discuss their ideas and feelings on a particular topic. What is this method called?

Escapism, Privacy, Personal Pleasure, (All of the above)

Roadway suggests that the Smithton women read romance novels for what reasons?


Production companies rely on defect spending to produce shows. Therefore, they get the most of their profits when a show enters...?

Viral Marketing

What is the term for an advertising agency's plan to create videos websites and other materials for digital distribution?

Edward Bernays

Which public relations pioneer worked for the committee on Public Information, wrote PR's first textbook and called cigarettes "Torches of freedom"?

Federal Trade Commission

Which federal agency is primarily responsible for regulating advertising?

Public Service Announcements

Advertising crafted by goats and/or NGOs to create positive change in individuals behavior (Littering less, quit smoking)

Public Relations Society of America

What is the professional society that represents public relations practitioners?

Net Neutrality

What phrase refers to the principle that every Website and Every user has the right to the same internet speed and access?


What important led to smaller personal computers?

Digital Devide

Policy makers and activists have shown concern about the gap between "Information haves" and "Information have nots". This is called what?


How much of the search engine market does google control?

Creation and posting of videos, comment sections for others content, posting your own content, (All of the above)

In contrast to earlier uses of the internet like email, social media allows users to...?


Top video game genre by sale?


First commercially successful coin operated arcade game


Special Graphic features through which players interact with the game world

Playstation 2

Most successful console (By sales) of all time


The Entertainment Software Rating Board is run by the US Govt (True/False)


According to the textbook___________ is "The acceptance of the dominant values in a culture by those who are subordinate to those who hold economic and political power

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

What was the first American Anti-trust law in the USA?

Direct Payment

When you purchase Netflix you do so with a subscription, and because of this, you do not have ads. What is this form of payment?

Citizens United vs. FEC

In what case did the Supreme Court of the United States rule that "Government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections"?

Cultural Imperialism

What is the process by which "American styles in fashion and food, as well as media fare, dominate the global market"?

Textual analysis involves "Deep reading", Defines particular actions, such as violence, examines the meanings of media texts, (All of the above)

What are the differences between content analysis and textual analysis?

Scientific method

What research tool involves developing predictions, collecting data, and analyzing results?

An exaggerated belief in the prevalence of violence caused by media exposure

What features characterize "Mean world" syndrome

Media Effects

Re-searchers who use scientific approaches to determine the outcomes of media exposure fall under which category?

Third-Person Effect

At Thanksgiving dinner, your uncle says, "Other people get led around by the nose by the media; they just believe what they're told. Now me, I know whats really going on, I'm smart too smart to be fooled by those elite journalists!" Your uncle may be suff