Ch. 13 Study Guide pp. 212-213

Name the three branches of government


An example of what the judicial branch does...

Interprets laws

An example of what the executive branch does...

Approves and carries out laws

An example of what the legislative branch does...

Make laws

In the United States, the voters elect ___________________ to vote for laws.


How many senators does each state send to the U.S. Congress? (Answer only)

2 senators

How many House representatives does Washington State send to the U.S. Congress? Need to use the internet for this one. The information in the book is out of date. (Answer only)

12 members

The president of the United States heads which branch of government? (Answer only)

The executive branch

What is the highest court in the nation? (Answer only)

Supreme Court of the United States

What do checks and balances mean? Support your answer by explaining an example. (Information from a video will be helpful. Answer using sentences.)

Checks and balances ensures that political power is not concentrated in the hands of individuals or groups. For example, the executive branch carries out laws passed by the legislative branch.