Med-Surge Prep-U

A client is reporting her pain as "8" on a 0-to-10 pain intensity scale. Then, the client states the pain is "3." Before the nurse leaves the room, the client states her pain is "6." The best action of the nurse is to
A.Medicate the client for pain based


The client reports chest pain. The nurse uses which of the following questions to assess the pain further. Select all answers that apply.
A."Rate the pain on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst possible pain."
B."What aggravates your chest pain?


The client is scheduled for surgery. The nurse is reviewing with the client about postoperative pain management. The client states her goal after receiving treatment is "0." The first action of the nurse is to

Educate the client that this goal may not be achievable.

Which of the following is the most important potential nursing diagnosis for the client receiving opiate therapy?
A.Risk for injury
B.Altered mobility
D.Risk for impaired gas exchange


Which of the following is a true statement with regards to the preventative approach to the use of analgesics?
A.It promotes tolerance to analgesic agents
B.Smaller doses of medication are needed.
C.Larger doses of medication are needed.
D.The use increas


A client who has undergone extensive fracture repair continues to request opioid pain medication with increasing frequency. The initial surgeries occurred more than 2 months ago, and the nurse is concerned about the repeated requests. What does the nurse


When administering a fentanyl patch, the last dose of sustained-release morphine should be administered at what point?
A.There are no administration requirements
B.At the same time the first patch is applied
C.Before respiratory assessment
D.Immediately a


When a nurse asks a patient to describe the quality of the pain, what type of descriptive term does the nurse expect the patient to use?


A nurse documents the presence of chronic pain on an electronic health record. Choose a description that could be used. The pain can be:
A.Prolonged in duration.
B.Rapidly occurring and subsiding with treatment.
C.Attributed to a specific cause.


A preventative approach to pain relief with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) means that the medication is given:

Before pain is experienced.