Road signs

Pavement Ends

Expect a change in the road surface

Road Narrows

The pavement ahead narrows


Yield to other traffic


Always stop completely

Left Curve

Slow down for left curve

Low Clearance

Be sure your load is not higher than 12ft 6in

Watch For Trucks

Slow your speed and watch for trucks entering or crossing the highway

Men Working

Watch for men working in the path of traffic

Two Way Traffic

Get ready to enter a two way street

Narrow Bridge

Stay carefully in the right lane

Shoulder Drop Off

Watch for a drop from the pavement edge to the shoulder

Slower Traffic Keep Right

Keep in the right hand lane when driving slow


Watch for a temporary route around the main road

US 87

Know that US highway 87 runs right and left ahead


Slow down for a sharp rise in the roadway

One Way

Go straight ahead or turn left

Right/Left Curve

Slow down for a right or left turn

Four Way Intersection

Watch right and left for other traffic

Turn Left From Both Lanes

Turn left from either lane

Do Not Cross Double Yellow Line To Pass

Never pass another car here

Do Not Pass When Solid Yellow Line Is In Your Lane

Remember to pass only when the way is clear when you have a yellow line in your lane


Slow down for a low place in the road


Always stop

Soft Shoulder

Be extra careful not to run off of the pavement

158 Texas

Know the Texas highway

Right and Left Curve

Slow down for a left and right turn

Crossroad Traffic

Watch out for a crossroad traffic

Highway Intersection 1000 Ft

Watch for a very dangerous crossing

Watch For Ice On Bridge

Slow down a hazardous condition may exist on bridge

Do Not Enter

Stop before entering the street ahead

Winding Road

Slow down for a winding road


Follow a temporary route to the left

End Construction

Return to normal highway speed after passing

Slow Down

Slow down for a very dangerous intersection or curve

35 Mph

Slow down to at least 35 miles per hour for the curve ahead

Loose Gravel

Do not apply the brakes suddenly or make sharp turns

Watch For Trucks

Watch out for trucks entering or crossing the highway ahead

Side Traffic

Watch for side road traffic to the right


Slow down and be ready to stop

Drive To Right

Drive to the right

Speed Limit 55

Drive at least 55 miles per hour

Yield To Entering Traffic

Be ready to yield to other traffic entering the same lane

Form One Line|Left

Prepare to merge into only one lane of traffic



Stay On Right Side Of Road

Stay on the right hand side of the road and watch for approaching traffic

Right Then Left Turn

Slow down for a right and left turn

Exit 25 MPH

Slow to 25 miles per hour to exit the expressway

T Intersection

Watch right and left for cross traffic

One Way/right arrow

Go straight ahead or turn right

School Zone

Watch for children

Road Closed

Look for a detour or turn around and go back

Circle Ahead

Slow down for intersection built around a circle

Climbing Lane Ahead

Use the lane only if you drive a truck

Y Intersection

Slow down for a "Y intersection

Emergency Stopping Only

Stop only in an emergency, such as a vehicle failure

Left and Right Turn

Slow down for a left and right turn

Loop 270

Understand that you are on a short state highway in a city or urban area


Always stop completely

Speed Limit 50

Drive no faster 50 miles per hour day or night

Pass Either Side of Sign

Pass either side of the sign- divided roadway ahead

Circle Intersection

Slow down for intersections built around a circle


Look out for a train


Be very careful to avoid skidding in wet weather

Road Construction Ahead

Watch for machinery and workers

Pedestrians Crossing

Slow down, watch for people crossing the street on foot

Downgrade In Road

Prepare to reduce speed for a downgrade

35 MPH

Know that the highest safe speed for the curve ahead is 35 miles per hour

Drive To The Right

Drive to the right of the road


Watch for a hazard in or near the roadway