Chapter 1 Test: The Nursing Assistant in Long-Term Care

Long-term care is offered in:

Skilled nursing facilities

Residents in (blank) are usually more independent and do not need skilled care

Assisted living facilities

Which of the following types of health care is generally for people who will die in six months or less?

Hospice care

(Blank) is a health insurance program for people who are 65 years of age or older or who are ill or disabled and cannot work


(Blank) is a medical assistance program for low-income people


Medicare will pay for

Only care that it determines to be medically necessary

The amount that Medicare and Medicaid will pay long-term care facilities for services is based on

The resident's need upon admission

The residents with the longest average stay in healthcare facilities are

Residents who are developmentally disabled

Dementia is

Loss of mental abilities

Most people in a facility are there due to

Lack of ability to care for themselves and the lack of a support system

Which of the following is a task that nursing assistants generally do not perform?

Inserting tubes

Which of the following is a task that nursing assistants commonly do?

Bathing residents

Professionalism is related to

How a person behaves at work

A resident has purchased a special gift for her nursing assistant, Sarah. Which of the following would be the best response by Sarah?

Refuse but thank her for thinking of her

One example of professional behavior by nursing assistants when working with residents is

Keeping all resident information confidential

Which of the following is an example of how a nursing assistant is demonstrating that she is dependable?

The nursing assistant avoids excessive absences from work

To hold oneself accountable means

Admit mistakes and apologize for them

What does the term "empathetic" mean?

Empathetic means identifying with and understanding the feelings of others

Which of the following is a quality of the best nursing assistants?


Which of the following will help a nursing assistant make a good first impression at work?

Keeping hair neatly tied back away from the face

The best type of jewelry to weak to work is

A waterproof watch

The most important member of the care team is

The resident

Which member of the care team assesses residents, monitors progress and gives treatments?

The nurse

Which member of the care team has the most direct contact with the residents?

The nursing assistant

The chain of command is:

The line of authority in a facility

In which style of nursing care are residents and their families active participants in care and have their choices honored by caregivers whenever possible?

Resident-focused care

In which type of nursing care does the registered nurse give much of the overall care to the residents?

Primary nursing

What is one possible negative result of the functional nursing style of care?

Staff may overlook changes in a resident's condition

A policy is:

A course of action that should be taken every time a certain situation occurs

Which of the following is the correct response by a nursing assistant if he forgets how to perform a procedure?

Review the steps of the procedure in the procedure manual

If a surveyor asks a nursing assistant a question, the nursing assistant should:

Answer honestly and to the best of her ability