Titanic Character Info

Frank Browne

He took photographs of the Titanic. He was first class.

J. Bruce Ismay

The managing director of the White Star Line. President of the International Mercantile Maritime Company.

Edward Smith

The captain of the Titanic. Very popular.

Violet Jessop

A stewardess on the Titanic.

Thomas Andrews

The Titanic's designer.

Charles H. Lightoller

An experienced seaman, the second officer of the Titanic.

Alexander Carlisle

The Titanic's original designer.

The Collyers

2nd Class passengers, Harvey perished.

Colonel Gracie

A seasoned transatlantic traveler.

Frankie Goldsmith

Nine years old, third class.

Rhoda Abbot

Mother of two sons which perished.

Jack Thayer

A 17 year old young american. First class.

May futrelle

First class, traveling with her husband.

Jack Phillips

Lead operator of the Titanic's wireless system, 24.

Harold Bride

22, another operator on the Titanic.

James Moody

The junior officer on duty.

William Murdoch

First officer, seasoned seaman, and the one maneuvering the ship.

Joseph Boxhall

Fourth officer, 24 years old. Made the first damage report.

Arthur Henry Rostron

Carpathia's captain.

Ole Abelseth

25 year old, 3rd class.

Elizabeth Shute

1st class governess, lifeboat 3.

Harold Lowe

Junior officer on the starboard side.

John Jacob Astor IV

American Millionaire, had to be separated from his wife and perished.

Hugh Woolner

1st class, London businessman.

Sam Hemming

A seaman, working alongside of Lightoller.

Margaret Brown

Molly Brown" Tried to pick up people in the water.