Bio Key Terms

Principle of dominance

Mendel's second conclusion, which states that some alleles are dominant and others are recessive

Principle of Segregation

During meiosis, chromosome pairs separate into different gametes such that each of the two alleles for a given trait appears in a different gamete.

Principle of Independent Assortment

Alleles for one charateristic assort or divide up among the gametes during mieosis independently of other alleles for other characteristics


Situation in which both alleles of a gene contribute to the phenotype of the organism

Incomplete Dominance

Cases in which one allele is not completely dominant over another


a graphic representation of a familys genetic inheritance

Sex-linked Trait

a trait that is determined by a gene found on one of the sex chromosomes, such as the X chromosome or the Y chromosome in humans

Polygenic Inheritance


Multiple Alleles