MS Word 2013 Test 1.01

In the Print dialog box, which area provides a user with a list of available printers?

Printer Status

On the Title bar, which item enables a user to minimize, maximize, or close the Microsoft Word window?

Window Control Buttons

Linda is creating a custom template. If it will be quicker to use the template than to recreate the flyer from scratch each time, which important question is she answering?

Is the template easy to use?

What is the name assigned to a file when it is saved?

File Name

Which automatically appears based on tasks you perform, and contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document?

Mini Toolbar

What is the name of the list of frequently used commands that appears when you right-click an object?

Shortcut Menu

To save a new file or an existing file in its same storage location, which commonly used shortcut key or keyboard key combination is used?


What type of template is most appropriate for a FBLA Secretary to use to inform FBLA members of monthly club activities?


To store a new or existing file with the same name, which button is used?


What is the control center located below the title bar at the top of the Microsoft Word window called?


The principal emailed the staff to inform them about new policy changes for cell phone use. Which type of document is the most appropriate to use?


How do you access Microsoft Word Help from the Word Window?

Click the Microsoft Office Word Help button in the upper right corner of the Word window

Shameka is a Yearbook Staff member. Every semester she has to create a newsletter. Instead of recreating it each time, what should she create for future use?


Nathan has created a new business letter and wants to use it repeatedly. What file type does he need to select when saving to protect his original letter?


The principal wants to send out a monthly update of school activities. Which type of document is the most appropriate to use?


Which command is used to close the current document without exiting Microsoft Word?

File tab, choose Close button

Trey wants to create his own template from scratch. Which icon would he select to begin this process?

Blank Document

Trey wants to use the Black Tie Newsletter template created by . Which icon would he select to create this document?

Sample Templates

Which dialog box allows a user to create a new folder in the desired storage location?

Save As

How do users switch from one ribbon to another in Microsoft Word?

Click the tab of the ribbon they wish to access

Which window allows a user to see document pages exactly as they will print?


To save an existing document with a new file name or to save an existing document in a new location, which command is used?

Save As

Which of the following software programs is a full-featured word processing program that allows users to create professional-looking documents and revise them easily?


Which is the shortcut key for accessing Microsoft Office Word Help from the Word window?


Which command should you use to cancel a recent command or action?

Quick Access Toolbar, Undo button

Linda is creating a custom template. If she uses the tools found on the Review tab and proofreads her document, which important question is she answering?

Will the template have correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

Which of the following hidden formatting symbol represents a single space in a document?

A small black dot

Which of the following hidden formatting symbol represents a tab stop in a document?

A black arrow pointing right

Which of the following actions or commands cannot be undone in Microsoft Word?

Saving a document

What is the correct file format of a normal Microsoft Word template?


In a Microsoft Word template, which of the following items indicates the location where information should be typed?


Which Microsoft Word tab contains the Print command?


Nathan is using a business letter template he created earlier and wants to save it with all the customers information. What file type should he select?