Child Development Final

To change a child's aggressive behavior, it is important to

find the cause of the behavior.

Which of the following statements about children's speech development is true?

Children use peoples' names before they use pronouns, such as "I," "we," or "you.

Which of the following statements about intellectual development is true?

Opportunities for learning affect a child's brain development.

Roberto watches his older sister Angela color a picture. Roberto picks up a crayon and starts coloring on the table. What method of learning is taking place?


Parents can best guide their children's learning by

giving them time to make decisions.

To help children get enough sleep, parents should

follow the same bedtime routine every night.

The strongest influence on a child's self-concept is

the words and actions of the primary caregiver.

Unplanned learning in which a child recognizes a cause-and-effect relationship is called

incidental learning.

Children who are sleep deprived

are more likely to show behavior problems.

A three-year-old who is friendly with others and has at least one friend at a time shows

normal social development.

At what age might thumb sucking cause a dental problem?

at age six

The most common cause of poor nutrition is

not understanding the basics of good nutrition.

Which of the following describes changes in motor skills in children ages four to six?

All motor skills improve significantly.

Which of the following is a way that caregivers and parents can encourage good eating habits?

By eating nutritious foods themselves.

Because group identification is important to five-year-olds, they

want to wear clothes like those of their friends.

The first intelligence test was developed by

Alfred Binet

All of the following are good ways for parents to help a child develop a moral sense EXCEPT

correct mistakes in front of others.

A good way for parents to help children deal with anger is to

model appropriate ways to deal with anger.

Most six-year-olds

correctly pronounce most of the words they know.

Which of the following describes the way typical five-year-olds deal with anger?

They are more likely to hurt other children's feelings than younger children.

To help siblings work through jealous feelings, parents should

encourage the children to empathize with each other.

The imaginations of four- to six-year-olds often lead them to

fear various kinds of dangers.

Which kind of intelligence is associated with scientific thinking?


Which of the following describes an appropriate way to use intelligence tests?

Using the test results and other techniques to gain an overview of a child's development.

Which of the following is a sign of preoperational thinking?

Recognizing that objects can be symbols.

Which of the following would be a sign of intellectual development in children ages seven to twelve?

Organizing their work to complete longer-term projects

Which of the following statements about peer pressure is true?

It often leads preteens to conform to the behavior and dress of their peers.

Why do the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that children eat foods that contain fiber?

Fiber helps the digestive system work properly.

When a child frequently loses lunch money, parents might suspect that the child

is being bullied.

Motor skills improve in children from ages seven to twelve mainly because

they have stronger muscles than younger children.

Which of the following is a good way for preteens to avoid negative peer pressure?

Choosing friends who have positive values.

Which of the following is true of girls during puberty?

They usually go through puberty earlier than boys the same age.

Which of the following is an example of independent learning?

writing a book report

One of the primary benefits of participating in team sports is that they

give children the opportunity to be physically active.

At what age are children most likely to be critical of their parents' values?


Teens who do not develop a strong value system are more likely to

engage in risky behaviors.

Teens can consider what-if situations because

they are capable of abstract thought.

According to James Marcia, adolescents who accept the values of their parents without question are on

the first path to a sense of identity.

Which of the following statements about sexual development is true?

Boys generally mature sexually about two years later than girls.

Which of the following best describes the role of peers during adolescence?

The acceptance and admiration of their peers becomes very important to teens.

Sick children should be

given liquids to prevent dehydration.

After the first year, healthy children

need checkups at least once a year.

Which of the following statements about child maltreatment is true?

Abusers tend to be socially isolated or stressed due to serious problems.

Which of the following is a characteristic of both ADD and ADHD?

Being easily distracted

Which of the following would NOT be considered a mandated reporter?

a neighbor

What should you do if a child loses consciousness after falling and hitting her head?

get medical help

Signs of stress in children under age five may include

fear of being left alone

Gifted children typically

prefer to interact with adults.

How should you treat a second-degree burn if the burned area is small?

Cover it with a wet cloth and take the child to see a doctor.

To stop the bleeding of a minor cut, you should first

apply firm pressure with a clean cloth.

What does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act guarantee?

That children with disabilities will receive a free public education that meets their needs.

A third-degree burn is

the most serious level of burn.

Which of the following is a symptom of asthma?


Substance abusers may seek help for their addiction(s)

when the consequences of their behavior become painful to them.

Which of the following is a sign of child neglect?

The child steals food or money.

Immunization protects a person against a communicable disease by

building the person's resistance to the disease.

When should children who have a contagious illness be allowed to return to school?

24 hours after the fever is truly over.

Which of the following is an example of an invisible disability?

learning disability

Which of the following is the best way to help a child cope with the serious illness of a family member?

Explain what is happening in terms that the child will understand.

If rescue breathing does not make a child's chest rise after two attempts, the next step is to

follow the procedure for choking.

Many parents choose center-based care because

child care centers must be licensed and may also be accredited by the NAEYC.

Positions for beginners in a field are called

entry-level jobs

Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective r�sum�?

A r�sum� with action verbs.

Learning about a career by observing someone in his or her job is called

job shadowing

The primary purpose of learning centers in early childhood classrooms is

to allow children to explore different areas of knowledge.

A child care provider working alone should handle

no more than six children including the provider's own children.

Which of the following would not be a child care option for families in which both parents work full time?

play group

A good cover letter

is tailored to fit a particular job opening.

To promote positive behavior in an early childhood classroom, teachers should

make sure expectations are appropriate.

Which of the following plans lists all of the activities that will take place in each learning center during the day?

the planning chart