Unit 16 Advanced Automatic Controls

Are pneumatic controls explosion proof?

Pneumatic controls are explosion proof simple safe and reliable

What are Pneumatic controls operated by

Pneumatic controls are operated by air

What does a control loop contain?

A control loop contains, The sensor that measures the change in condition, The controller controls an output signal to the co controlled device. The sensore controller is often in the same device. And the controlled device reacts to stop start and modulat

Pneumatic air must be?

Pneumatic air must 0 to 20 psi and must be clean and dry

when a large volume of air is needed at the diaphragm the thermostat may feed branchline pressure to

pilot positione

What are the tolls of the pneumatic Technition

The tools of the pneumatic technician are an air gage, thermometer and a special wrench ( usually Allen type )

what is another term to describe sensitivity

Another term to used to describe sensitivity in electronic controls is gain

what is the advantage of a DDC

One advantage of DDC's is total building control management

One of the major components of a residential electronic control circuit that measures temperature is

a thermistor

Diagnostic light emitting diodes are often used to

alert the technician of problems

sensors are a device that

can measure some type of environmental parameter or a controlled variable that can understand - Temperature, pressure, humidity, light, position.

what do Passive sensors do

Passive sensors send information back to the controller in terms of resistance and Active sensors send information back to the controller in terms of milliamps

A control system consists of

sensors, controller, and controlled devices

DDC control systems can be used for:

Total building energy management, HvacR functions, building lighting fire protection, Temperature set back, Refrigeration.

what are Conventinal control systems

Conventinal control systems work very similar to a DDC system except that digital binary information can be processed much faster and is much more accurate at all times and under all conditions

what is an open loop control configuration ?

In an open loop control configuration, the control agent (fluid that transfers energy to mass such as hot or cold water) causes a change in the controlled medium (what absorbs or releases the energy or mass) and a closed loop configuration can maintain th