Piaget's Sensorimotor Stage test 3

Piaget's Sensorimotor Stage - overall timespan

Birth to 2 years

Piaget's Sensorimotor Stage,,, define

infant increasingly learns to coordinate
sensations with movement and actions.

Simple reflexes span

birth - 1 month

Simple reflexes indicates

schema construction

1 )Simple reflexes originally to end

Originally the infant suck if the nipple was placed in his mouth
end of the first month, the infant will suck if the bottle is nearby

Habits and primary circular reactions- Span

(one to four months

2) Habits

Sucking unrelated to any bottle or nipple

primary circular reaction (repetitive) EX:

i. Child accidentally sucks fingers
ii. Looks for fingers to suck later
iii. Fingers may or may not cooperate

Secondary circular reactions - span

four to eight months

3. Secondary circular reactions

. Involves repitition of behaviors that deal with objects

Secondary circular reactions helps child be

object-oriented and focuses on the world

Coordination of secondary circular reactions span

(8 to twelve months

Coordination of secondary circular reactions define

Infants combine previously learned schemas
i. The infant may look at an object and explore it with

Coordination of secondary circular reactions -- infants demonstrate

#object permanence

Tertiary circular reactions span

twelve to eighteen months

Tertiary circular reactions define

. Infants explore new possibilities with objects
i. They continually change what is done with the objects

Tertiary circular reactions develops

curiosity and interest in novelty

Internalization of schemes span

eighteen to twenty-four months

Internalization of schemes define

Infants develop the ability to use primitive symbols
i. symbol - An internalized word or image that represents person

Sensorimotor stage terminates with the onset of

fuller language capacity