latin america chapter 1 test


a large mostly flat highland area


a narrow strip of land tat has water on both sides and joins two larger bodies of land


a region of plains in argentina and uruguay


a river or stream that flows into a main river


the height of land above sea level

all of the following are regions of latin america except

the us and canada

the long mountain chain that runs west coast of south america is


some carribean islands are coral islands formed from

skeletons of tiny sea animals

the amazon river basin is home to

the largest tropical rain forest in the world

one statement that can be made about climate in latin america is that throughout the region it is

different from place to place

two south american countries that produce coffee as a key crop are

brazil and columbia

to reduce their reliance on one natural resource or crop,many latin american nations have begun to

diversify their economies

trade and travel among the regions of south america has been affected by

high mountains and dense rain forest

what do we call the often destructive warm ocean current that flows along the western coast of Latin america every few years?

El Nino

most people who live in mexico lives in the

coastal plains

most latin american languages have their roots in


the second largest river in the world,also called the ocean river is the


where is latin america located?

western hemisphere

if travelers experienced a temperature change form decreasing levels they were probably traveling

higher into the andes mountains

areas that have rich soil and warm climates

can grow many different crops

what large plains regions similar to the great plains in the united states that stretches across argentina and uruguay?

the pampas

the higher up the mountains you go the colder it gets. this is known as

vertical climate

why are rivers and lakes important to people throughout latin america?

they provide fish water power and a way to reach remote areas

the following are characteristics of mexico city except

rural farming

what type of farming is it called when a famed grows crops to sell?

commercial farming

one effect of this rapid urbanization is

a shortage of housing

the mesopotamian region of argentina is warmer than patagonia because

the mesopotamian region is located closer to the equator

what type of farming is it called when a farmer only grows enough for their family?

subsistence farmer

where is latin america located?

in the western hemesphere of the u.s.

a squatter is someone who

lives on land they dont own

which would be found near 1 on the map


which number on the map is the carribean sea

d.sierra madre mountains

the pacific ocean would be found on what number on the map

c. 4

which physical feature can be found near 2 on the map

atacama desert

the panamal canal was built to

provide shortcut for trade

the panama canal is located

directly west


d. mexico


c. columbia


b. 4


d. 7


a. brazil



which countries are included in the term latin america

b. all countries in north and south america

haiti and cuba are located in the

carribean sea

which of the following is a environmental concern in mexico?

air pollution in mexico city

which problem is destroying the amazon rainforest


venezulas economy is effected by its

oil production

how does geo play a role in mexico citys air pollution problem

d. it lies in a valley that trap air pollutants over the city


a.the government gets about half of its money from the oil business

which is a problem associated with deforestation?

d. there is a less forest to produce goods that humans need

whats a major scources of income for both mexico and venezuela


which country has about 3/4 of the trade with mexico

d.United States

which region of mexico has the most people?

a. central plateau

venezuela is a world leader in the production of


whats 1 major reason few venezuelans are farmers

there is little arable land

how has venezuelas location helped its trade

d. it has a coastline with ports on the carribean and the atlantic

where do most brazilians live

along the eastern coast

the amazon rain forest is located mainly in

c. brazil

brazil is the 2nd larger exporter of which of the following resources

c. soybeans

the large amount of arable land is most helpful in which industry to cuba

a. farming


c. needs to import more products


c. sugar

fidel castro


fulgencio batisa


jean aristide


fransisco duvalier


jean duvalier


toussaint l'ouverture


whos who is latin america history

write a short bio for each historical figure