Early Childhood Education- Exam #3

intellectual; social

Early childhood education is designed to teach skills that will enhance ______ as well as _______ abilities.


Increasing evidence shows that children can ____ from early education.

cognitive; social

Children enrolled in good preschools experience ____ and ___ benefits.

child care centers

_________: provide care for children all day, while parents are at work

child care centers

Its primary purpose is to be more social and emotional than cognitive.

family child care centers

small operations run in private homes

center based care

Providers of _________ is offered in institutions such as school classrooms, community centers, churches that are typically licensed and regulated by the government. These teachers are often _____ professionals.


Desinged to provide intellectual and social experiences for children

3-5 hours

Preschools are more limited in their schedules than family care centers: provide care for only ____ per day.


Mainly serve children from middle and higher socioeconomic levels:

Montessori Preschools

Preschool designed to foster sensory, motor and language development through play. Children are provided with a variety of activities to choose from, with the option of moving from one to another.

Reggio Emilia

Suggest that kids participate in negotiate curriculum and emphasized the joint participation of children and teachers.

Reggio Emilia Preschool

Builds on interests of children, promotes cognitive development through integration of the arts and participation in week long projects.


School child care often has ____ quality than other early education alternatives. ____ of states in the U.S. fund pre-K programs for 4 year olds. They are often aimed at _____ children. They are typically staffed by better _____ teachers and less regulated child care centers.


Argues that academic success is largely dependent upon factors out of parents control: inherited abilities and child's maturation rate


Erkind suggested that a better strategy is to provide an environment with which learning is _________, but not pushed.


Is a program designed to promote future academic success through physical health, self confidence, social and emotional development.