Animal Farm Questions Chapter 1

Manor Farm

old fashion, small; symbol- Soviet Union

Old Major

middle white boar, oldest animal, wise; symbol- Karl marx


owns Manor Farm, neglects farm and animals, drunk; symbol- Czar Nicholas

Bluebell, Jessie, Pincher

three dogs


not smart, respect, largest horse, hard working; symbol- peasants


cart horse, female, motherly


white goat


cynical, donkey, oldest animal, worst temper; symbol-old people in Russia


mr.jones horse, foolish, pretty, ribbons and sugar; symbol-aristocrats


talks about sugar candy mountain (heaven), tame raven; symbol- church, religion

What is the setting of Animal Farm?


How is Mr. Jones portrayed in the first chapter?

forgets to take care of the animals

Why are the animals willing to listen to Old Major?

very well respective,oldest animal

Why did all of the animals assemble in the barn after Mr. Jones went to sleep?

to hear old major's dream

What is the first clue that Animal Farm is about Communism?


What is Old Major's dream about?

animal revolution

What kind of world does Old Major dream about?

where men are gone and all animals are free

What does Old Major warn the animals about?

becoming man

What does "Beasts of England" do for the animals?

it gives them a wild excitement