Adaptation and Evolution


In adaptation is a characteristic that helps an organism survive and reproduce in its environment


The basic "evolution" is to "change" over time


Fossils are preserved remains of once living things


Genes are the characteristics an individual has that were inherited from their parent

Biological Engineering

Engineering in a specific organism to give it a certain trait

Biological Evolution

Biological evolution means "the change of characteristics of a group of organisms over many generations

Natural Selection

The process in by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive

Homologous Structures

Homologous structures are similar in structure but different in function

Scientific Theory

Based on reasoning and evidence to explain some aspect of nature


A group of organisms that can mate with one another to produce fertile offspring

Evolutionary Tree

A diagram that shows how scientists think different groups of organisms are related


Embryo development shows how organisms have similar embryos that develop into different adults

Common Decent

Sharing a same ancestry

Vestigial Structure

Vestigial structures are remnants of organs or structures that had a function in early ancestry

Scientific Law

A generalization, principal, or pattern in nature

Physical Adaptation

Physical adaptations are body structures that allow an animal to find and consume food, defend itself, and to reproduce its species

Behavioral Adaptation

Behavioral adaptations are actions that help an organism survive in its enviormrnt

Three Main Tenets of Science

#1 Science cannot answer all questions #2 All knowledge is changing in science#3 Science cannot provide absolute proof

Why Do Adaptations Help Organisms Survive?

Adaptations are the result of different environments, habitats, and ecosystems

Decent With Modification and Evidence

All organisms came from the same ancestry (Evolutionary Tree)

How Species Change During the Process of Natural Selection

Struggle to Survive -A natural environment does not have enough food, water, and space to support

Natural Selection

#1 Overproduction#2 Genetic Variation #3 Struggle to Survive #4 Successful Reproduction #5 Environment Change #6 Genes

Sexual VS. Asexual Reproduction Differences

Sexual-Environment Change -No Build up of Bad Genes-Variation in the Population Asexual-Pass on Beneficial Genes -Only need one parent -Produce twice as many offspring (All Female)

Difference Between a Law and Theory

Theory-Says WHY something happens in natureLaw-Is HOW something will happen

Evidence for Evolution

#1 Fossil Evidence #2 Homologous Structures#3 Vestigial Structures #4 Observed Evolution #5 Embryology (Ontology)#6 Genetic Similarity