Unit 2 Lesson 6 -Understanding Thinking


mental activity that involves understanding, manipulating, and communicating information


planning, evaluating and monitoring mental activities; thinking about thinking


an object or an act that stands for something else


a mental structure used to categorize objects, people, or event that share similar characteristics


an original model on which others in the same category are patterned

convergent thinking

directed thinking; thinking that is limited to available facts

divergent thinking

a thought process that attempts to generate multiple solutions to a problem: nondirected thinking

How do people organize concepts?

Into hierarchies-In developing concepts, we can arrive at numerous combinations involving shape, color, size, function, and classification.

What is a concept?

Group of objects, events, or ideas with similar characteristics

If we think about thinking, what are we using?

Metacognition-Grounded in the work of psychologist John Flavell in 1979, this concept of "thinking about thinking" I= two categories: knowledge + experiences.

Thinking involves mentally grouping similar objects, events, and ideas into______________.

concepts - When you are presented with multiple objects, you automatically group them by properties.

If you are asked to think of a ball and you picture a white baseball in your mind, what are you thinking of?