14, 2, blue/green, 5'9, 9, brown

Stats: Age, dress size, eye color, height, shoe size, hair color

good nutrition and lots of water

Most important factor for great-looking skin

cleanse, masque and facial scrub, toner/freshener, moisturizer, and eye cream

Proper Skin care steps

Hesitation, Hook, dinner hook, cross, pants cross

Leg positions while seated

Weight of body is on bridge foot, show foot points forward, ankle is arched, and show knee is bent slightly inward to cover the bridge knee to give a one-legged appearance


Right foot is the show foot, left foot is the bridge foot

Right Hesitation

Left foot is the show foot, right foot is the bridge foot

Left Hesitation

Cupped, forearm palm down, laced, theater hook

Four Hand positions

Step in with left leg first and slide in left portion of body, follow with right portion and join with right leg. Swing knees together and point toward the driver

Getting into the back seat of a car two door car

with knees together, facing slightly away from car, allow gravity to ease your backside down onto seat. Tighten stomach muscles, keep knees together, and life both legs and feet into the car at the same time.

getting into the front seat of two door car or any seat of a four door car

remove polish, file nails soak hands, spread cuticle remover, gently push back cuticle, dip hands back in water, apply base coat, apply clear polish, apple second coat of polish, apply top coat

10 steps for a manicure

emery board

Item(s) used for filing nails

Purses, Jewelry, shoes, hats, belts, scarves, cosmetics, hosiery, nails, and hair

different accessories

what you see and hear

Definition of visual poise

its one of the most vital of all nutrients

Why is water important?

8 glasses

how much water should you consume daily?

Spending less on fashion fads, don't buy something just because it's on sale, have in mind what you want, don't last minute shop, check condition of clothing before buying it

Shopping Tips?

Lots more water, more fruits and veggies, more aware of what I eat

Describe how you eating habits have changed

Almond milk

What's a good substitution for whole milk

It can cause weight gain, heart disease, allergies, and other health problems

What does too much fat do to the body?

place it in your chair

Napkin placement: temporary leaving the table

place it on the table to the left of the plate, slightly folded

Napkin placement: end of meal

learn it

Ability to draw formal table place settings

to be slow or late about doing something that should be done

Define procrastination

Laziness, other priorities, forgot until last min.

Reasons people procrastinate?

Intro, state topic, give "body" of speech, conclusion, thank audience for time and attention

Five steps of giving a speech

choose an interesting topic, use humor, use proper grammar, speak at a pleasant sound level, eye contact

Do's of a speech

give a memorized speech, discuss cliches, speak in a monotone voice, fidget, apologize

Donts of a speech

the women follows the man

Who walks up the stairs first

the man follows the woman

who walks down the stairs first

important to be both

Extroverted and introverted

the bridge foot

Where is the weight in a hesitation?


what can negative attitudes cause

make people feel better

what can positive attitudes do

destroys vitamins and damages skin

what does smoking do


How often should you eat breakfast

introduce younger person to older person

order when introducing

a thank you note

what do you send after a dinner party

15 min early

how early do you arrive for an appointment

introduce yourself

what do you always do when calling hoffman

their own hair and makeup

whats it important for models to do

keep your back straight

what do you need to do when getting up from a chair

look up at them

what do you do when people enter a room

clear or none

what nail polish do models wear

clean and free of wrinkles

models clothing should be what?