Chem Comm Review sheet 2

This chapter is about


Petroleum is also known as ______ which describes the elements that make up the chains.


What elements are those?

Hydrogen and Carbon

We do what to the vast majority of the oil that we pull out of the ground?

burn it

What happens to energy when it burns ( term)?


Where did exothermic energy originally come from that we are releasing when we burn it?

the sun

Give evidence that carbon and hydrogen would rather be with oxygen than with each other.


What will always be the products of combustion reaction of a hydrocarbon?

oxygen and water

Why did you need to add energy to the hydrocarbon before it released its stored energy in the reaction?

Pull a part before put together

If you could reverse the reaction and force the carbon dioxide and water to go back to the oxygen and fuel, would it be exothermic or endothermic? why

Endothermic it needs energy

Per molecule, what will happen to the amount of energy given off when a hydrocarbon chain gets longer?

It will increase per molecule

Why is burning a fuel with a dirty or blocked air filter dangerous in a closed environment?

If you don't have enough oxygen it will create carbon monoxide

Impacts of climate change: Why will oceans rise? What will happen to precipitation patterns?

the ocean will expand
Pattern will change

A good argument could be made that even if everyone switched to electric cars today it would not change the amount of carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere. Defend this stance.

Burn coal to get electricity