History 201 Exam 3

Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ)

President from 1963-1969

The Treatment

Common action of LBJ; involves cornering people and scaring them into agreement

Who passes Medicare?


The Great Society

LBJ's plan for social reform; involved economic opportunities for the poor and elderly, started welfare, contained solutions for the radical civil rights movements

Tonkin Gulf Incident

United States aligned with South Vietnam during the Vietnam War and gets attacked by the North

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

Gave LBJ the power to do whatever he needed to regarding the Vietnam War

Who ran in the Election of 1964? Who won?

Berry Goldwater and LBJ; Johnson wins

Coat Tail

A ballet in which the person picked the republican party or democratic party and remained with that party on the entire ballet

Who was Malcolm X?

A radical civil rights activist

When was Malcolm X assassinated?


Who were Stoichley Carmichael and H Rap Brown?

Civil rights leaders after Malcolm X dies; Support radicalism and want a militant approach to civil rights

Black Panthers

A society of African Americans Supremacists; similar to the Ku Klux Klan


Massive race riot in LA in 1965

The Long, Hot Summer

Summer of 1967; very hot and humid; 114 race riots

What things demonstrated that sexuality was on the rise in the 60s?

the pill, television, pornography, x-rated films, topless bars

Free Love

You don't need to be married to have sex

LSD "Acid

A drug studied to treat schizophrenia; Become popular in the 60s as a recreational drug because it causes trips

Timothy Leary

Harvard Professor who advocated for LSD

What genres of music were popular in the 1960s?

Motown, folk, acid rock

What were some popular rock festivals?

Monteray in California, Woodstock, and Altamont Speedway

What was significant about the Altamont Speedway rock festival?

It basically ended rock festivals as they hired Hells Angels to be security guards and Hells Angels brutally beat someone who tried to get on stage

Tuning Out

The youth movement to abandon normal society

What are some characteristics of the Youth Movement?

Tuning out, anti-materialistic, self-centered, admire communism, flower children: hippies, communes

Flower Children



Places people moved when they dropped out of society; let's trade for things and avoid the government

Student for a Democratic Society (SDS)

Pro civil rights, challenged how college campuses were run, very idealistic

Port Huron Statement

Statement made by SDS saying let's get rid of guns, let's have civil rights, screw capitalism, very anti-war

The Little Red Book

Pro-communism book often carried by youth taking part in the youth movement of 1965

What were some characteristics of the women's movement?

Bra burnings, women were tired of being second class citizens, marches

National Organization for Women (NOW)

Feminists Group

1967 ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)

An amendment that women tried to pass to get everything equal; it ultimately failed because it would have meant same clothes, same bathrooms, etc.

What does SEATO stand for?

South East Asia Treaty Organization

Who were the opponents in Vietnam?

ARVN and the USA vs. the NVA and Viet Cong

Operation Rolling Thunder

use the USAF to attack the Viet Cong with bombs; the USA began bombing North Vietnam infrastructure resulting in 350,000 bombing missions, a loss of 3000 bombers and many citizens, many men are held as POWs

General Westmoreland

General during Vietnam in 1965

Who helped the United States during Vietnam?

Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Phillipines

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Elaborate system of trails created by North Vietnam allowing them to get to South Vietnam

6 Day War

1967 in the Middle East; Israel finds out that Egypt, Syria, and Jordan want to attack, so Israel attacks them first; Israel defeated all three countries in 6 days by taking the Suez Canal from Egypt and the Golden Heights mountains from Syria

What happened in Czechoslovakia in 1967?

The Prague Spring: Dubcek, a new communist leader, wants to lighten up and allow freedom of press; Russia rolls in and stops it immediately

Who was Dubcek?

A communist leader in Czechoslovakia who wanted to lighten the rules

What happened with the USS Pueblo?

January 23, North Korea sent torpedo boats to attack the boats and hold the crew captive; Johnson ignored the attack, North Korea does not get the attention they wanted and they release the captives in December

Khe Sahn Battle

Khe Sahn is attacked by the NVA and VC to distract the USA from the new trail being built

What is the festival of TET?

celebration for buddhists

What happened during the TET offensive?

Americans let their guard down in celebration of TET and the NVA & VC took Hue and an American Embssy

Who does Johnson bring in when he fires Westmoreland?


Who challenges LBJ in the 1968 elections?

McCarthy, Bobby Kennedy, Humphrey

What was the name of the man who killed Bobby Kennedy?


During what speech was Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated?

I've been to the mountain top

Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.?

James Earl Ray

Who did the republicans nominate in the 1968 election?

Richard Nixon

Who was Richard Nixon's running mate?

Spiro Agnew

Who did the YIPPEE party nominate for president in the 1968 elections?

a pig named Pegasus

Who started the American Independent Party?

George Wallace

What were some major accomplishments for Nixon during his presidency?

Apollo 11 landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon

Who was the first man on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

What was the name of the first space ship to land on the moon?

Apollo 11

What is happening in Libya during Nixon's presidency?

There is a coo against the king, and he is overthrown. Kaddafi takes over as dictator of Libya

Who takes over in Egypt after Nasseer dies?

Anwar Sadat

What is Vietnamization?

Decrease American troops, aid ARVN in increasing so they can defend themselves

What is fragging?

killing excited, gung-ho officers

What happened at Hamburger Hill?

It was a conventional battle where the Americans were attacked 11 times in 8 days; took the hill on day 12

What is the MyLai Massacre?

Calley and his troops marched into the village and killed innocent elderly, women, and children. They had expected resistance but none was given; 1968

Who led the MyLai Massacre?


What happens in Cambodia in 1971?

Nixon orders American troops to cross the Cambodian border and destroy the North Vietnamese that are hiding there; Americans were outraged

Kent State Riot

Students burned down the ROTC campus in protest of the war; the governor calls in the national guard, and they open fire in the court yard killing innocent students

What is the name of the committee to reelect president Nixon?


Slush Fund

Money collected illegally to support Nixon's campaign

Enemy List

List of people Nixon plans to audit, bug, and destroy because he dislikes them

Easter Offensive of 1972

ARVN fights well and stops the NVA from taking south Vietnam in a test to see whether or not they can handle and the US can pull out

Who runs in the Election of 1972?

Nixon, Humphrey, Wallace, Muskie, McGovern

How does CREEP take Muskie out of the 1972 Election?

Says he uses the term KINNUCK which is derogatory towards Canadians

How does CREEP take Humphrey out of the Election?

Says he was found in a hotel with another woman

What is Watergate?

The democratic headquarters

Who led the Watergate break-in?

James McCord

Who confesses all about Watergate?

John Deam

Saturday Night Massacre

Nixon calls Attorney General Richardson and demands he fire Cox; Richardson says no, Nixon fires himNixon calls Asst. Attorney General Rucklehouse; Rucklehouse says noNixon calls Bork, Bork says ok

Who does Nixon appoint to investigate his tapes?


What 3 charges did the Committee come up with for impeaching Nixon?

Obstructing Justice, Failure to Obey the committees subpoenas, misuse of power