Chapter 45: Diagnostic Testing

The _____________ are filled with _____________, making their primary function delivering oxygen to the cells and picking up carbon dioxide to be exhaled.

red blood cells

What is the chief function of white blood cells?

Is to protect the body against invaders such as bacteria and viruses.

The________ produce antibodies against specific antigens, usually viruses.


What stops bleeding when an injury occurs?

the platelets



allosteric protein

found in erythrocytes, which transports molecular oxygen in the blood to the cells of the body.


the medical term given when a patent's circulating erythrocytes are deficient.

Normal range of hemoglobin for males is

14 to 18 g/dl

Normal rangle of hemoglobin for females is

12 to 16 g/dl.

Panic Value

Always requires immediate intervention by the health care provider.


the bone marrow is producing too many red blood cells.

What kind of blood is used for a hematocrit test?

either capillary blood or venous blood.

The normal hematocrit range for males is

40 percent to 54 percent

The normal hematocrit range for females is

37 percent to 47 percent


a decrease in the total number of red blood cells constitutes a type of anemia.

When the WBC is elevated, it indicates

a disease process if some type whether it is an infection or precursor to leukemia.

When the WBC is decreased the patient could be

immunocompromised due to HIV or AIDs infection or current cancer therapy in the form of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.


white blood cells


the technician reviews the slide for abnormalities of the red blood cells, such as in size and shape.

What do the lab use prior to reviewing the slides under the oil immersion lens of the microscope?

Wrights stain
Glemsa Stain


phagocytosis and killing of bacteria
release of pyrogen that produces fever

Erythrocyte sedimentation

is also know as the ERS or the sed rate

What is the sed rate an indication of?

How much inflammation is occurring in the patients body response to a disease condition.

ESR rate value for females

0 to 20 mm

ESR rate for males

0 to 10 mm


fasting blood sugar

What is an average range for a fasting blood sugar?

70 to 126 mg

What are considered ideal cholesterol numbers?

180 to 200 mg/dl


the study of the bodies ability to prevent and fight infection.

Infectious mononucleosis

an illness caused by the epstein barr virus.
ages 10 to 25 years.


Epstein Barr Virus

A life threatening reaction must be counteracted with an injection of ___________ immediately to prevent ___________ shock.


All _______________ __________ should be refrigerated unless otherwise specified.

allergy serum

Following any injection, a patient must be observed ___ for possible reaction.

20 minutes

___________ of substances that are commonly the cause of allergy in patients.


Many of the ________ vary in strength from one company to another.

skin testing extracts

Contact dermatitis

the patch test is performed to determine the cause of contact dermatitis.

Where do they perform the patch tests?

the arm

What is a nasal smear?

a smear done with nasal secretions to observe the eosinophil count.


human immunodeficiency virus

Testing for HIV, What are the first stages like?

the first stages of the infection mimic the flu or mononucleosis with fatigue, slight fever, aching, lymph node swelling and tenderness and weight loss.


good cholesterol

HDL cholesterol levels

> 45 mg/ dl (fasting)

When the levels are less than 45 mg/dl, the patient is more apt to have _____________ in the arteries.