aboard (adv.)

in or to a foreign countryEX: He is currently aboard on business

Coach (n)

a long motor vehicle with comfortable seats, used to take groups of people on journeys

Crowded (adj)

If a place is crowded, it is full of peopleEx: as Christmas gets closer, the shops get more and more crowded

cruise (n)

a journey on a large ship for pleasure, during which you visit several placesEx: they are going on a cruise around the world

ferry (n)

a boat that regularly carries passengers and vehicles across an area of waterEX: almost all the passengers on the ferry were french

harbour (n)

an area of water near the coast where ships are kept and are safe from the seaEx: we visited Folkestone harbour


a case used to carry belongings when travelingEx: several kilos of crack were found in her luggage

pack (n)

Gói gọnEx: she packer the vase in tissue paper to protect it