Unit 1: holidays and tourism

sightseeing holiday

going to a place to see all the main attractions German: Kultururlaub


a holiday at home or near home German: Urlaub zu Hause


travelling with only a rucksack as luggage German: Rucksackreisen


sth that sb says or writes (officially) synonym: declaration antonym: question German: Aussage, Stellungnahme

(to) match sth to sth

(to) put things together which are the same synonym: (to) combine sth with sth German: etw einer Sache zuordnen


place of interest that tourists visit synonym: attraction German: Sehenswürdigkeit

(to) hitchhike

(to) travel by asking for free rides in other people's arms, by standing at the side of the road and trying to get passing cars to stop German: per Anhalter fahren

from around the world

from different places and countries German: aus der ganzen Welt


the atmosphere and things around us synonym: atmosphereGerman: Umwelt


near in position, not far awaysynonym: closeantonym: farGerman: in der Nähe

(to) prefer to do sth

(to) like one thing or person better than another, (to) choose one thing rather than sth else because you like it better synonym: (to) go for sth antonym: (to) not care for sth German: etw lieber tun


a shelter made of large sheet of canvas, nylon, ... that is supported by poles and ropes fixed to the ground, and is used especially for camping German: Zelt


a place where people on holiday can put their tents, park their caravan, .... synonym: camping site, campgroundGerman: Campingplatz

(to) become sth

(to) start to be sth synonym: (to) later be sth German: ((zu) etw) werden


at the same time as sth else synonym: when German: während


the knowledge and skill that you have gained through doing sth for a period of time verb: (to) experience German: Erlebnis(se), Erfahrung(en)


place to stay German: Unterkunft

(to) add sth to sth

(to) put sth together with sth else so as to increase the size, number, amount, ... antonym: (to) subtract, (to) deduct German: etw einer Sache hinzufügen

(to) hate sb/sth

(to) dislike sth/sb very much antonym: (to) love sb/sth, (to) like sb/sth German: jdn/etw hassen


the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other synonym: sequence antonym: chaosGerman: Reihenfolge


know sth verb: (to) be aware of sth German: Bewusstsein, Sensibilität, Kenntnis


at regular intervals of times synonym: oftenantonym: rarelyGerman: regelmäßig


while sth else is happening synonym: while, at the same time German: während


person who keeps you safe in the pool or seaGerman: Rettungsschwimmer/in


used to express a doubt or choice between two possibilities German: ob

on the road

travelling, especially for long distances or period of times synonym: travelling German: unterwegs

(to) be included in sth

(to) be part of sth antonym: (to) be excluded from sth German: in etw inbegriffen sein

(to) provide sth

(to) give sth to sb or make it available to use synonym: (to) give sth, (to) make sth available German: etw liefern, etw bieten, etw zur Verfügung stellen


correct in every detail synonym: preciseantonym: guessed German: genau


Example: To beat Covid-19, it is important to get a vaccination. German: Impfung


a period of ten years, especially a continuous periodGerman: Jahrzehnt

at a/the crossroads

at an important point in sb's life or development German: am Scheidepunkt, an einem Wendepunkt

(to) apply

(to) make a formal request for sth such as a job German: bewerben

flight attendant

a person whose job is to serve and take care of passengers on an aircraft German: Flugbegleiter/in, Steward/ess


causing great interest noun: excitement synonym: appealing, astonishing antonym: boring, dull, unexciting German: Aufregung, Begeisterung


the fact of leaving your job, usually because you have reached a particular age verb: (to) retire German: Rente


a situation when there is not enough of the people or things that are needed antonym: sufficiencyGerman: Mangel, Knappheit


sth yoz have to do synonym: obligation German: Pflicht

(to) expect

(to) be waiting for sb/sth to arrive, as this has been arranged noun: expectation German: erwarten


a period of time when sb/sth has to wait because of a problem that makes sth slow or late German: Verspätung

(to) cancel sth

(to) decide that sth that has been arranged will now not take place noun: cancellation antonym: (to) continue with sth German: absagen, streichen


more unpleasantGerman: schlimmer


the feeling of happiness you have when sth unpleasant stops or does not happen German: Erleichterung


the ceremony you have when someone dies German: Beerdigung


done without hurryingnoun: leisuresynonym: laid-backantonym: hectic, hurriedGerman: gemächlich, gemütlich, geruhsam


a short stay between two parts of a journeyGerman: Zwischenlandung


not very often antonym: oftenGerman: selten


worth a lot of money synonym: importantantonym: invaluable, worthlessGerman: wertvoll


sth that cannot exist or be done antonym: possibleGerman: unmöglich


when sth is done with an intention antonym: accidentally, unintentionally German: absichtlich


the place you are going to German: Ziel

(to) prepare

(to) make sth/sb ready noun: preparation German: (sich) vorbereiten


an object, a piece of evidence or some information that helps the police solve a crime synonym: hint antonym: guessGerman: Hinweis, Anhaltspunkt

related to sth

connected with sth in some way synonym: connected to sth antonym: unrelated to sth German: im Zusammenhang mit etw, bezogen auf etw

mass tourism

lots and lots of tourists in one place German: Massentourismus


the process if making air, water, soil, ... dirty, the state of being dirty verb: (to) pollute German: (Umwelt-)Verschmutzung


a large number of people in one place German: Menschenmenge

(to) feed

(to) give food to an animalGerman: füttern


grey bird that often flies in towns German: Taube

(to) wait in line

Example: When going shopping, I wait in line to pay for my clothes. antonym: (to) skip the line German: anstehen, Schlange stehen


a line of people, cars, ... waiting for sth to do sth synonym: line German: Warteschlange

mac (BE)

long raincoatGerman: Regenmantel

rubber boats (AE)

usually reaching almost up to the knee, that you wear to stop your feet getting wet synonym: wellington (boot) (BE)German: Regenstiefel

(to) affect sth/sb

(to) produce a change in sth/sbsynonym: (to) influence sth/sbGerman: etw/jdn betreffen, etw/jdn treffen


people living in a city, area, country, ...antonym: strangerGerman: Einwohner/in, Bewohner/in


an amount of money that you regularly pay so that you can use a house, room, ... German: Miete

(to) disappear

(to) become impossible to see synonym: (to) vanish antonym: (to) appearGerman: verschwinden


in addition to sb/sth, apart from sb/sth synonym: expect, apart from German: außer


happening or done quickly and unexpectedlysynonym: unexpected antonym: expectedGerman: plötzlich

(to) cause sth

(to) make sth happen, especially sth bad or unpleasant, (to) make sb to sth noun: cause German: etw verursachen

(to) tackle sth

(to) try to deal with sth German: etw (Problem, ...) angehen, etw bekämpfen

(to) charge sth on sth

(to) ask an amount of money for goods and services German: etw (Gebühr) für etw verlangen


money that must be paid to the state German: Steuer

solution (to sth)

a way of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation verb: (to) solve synonym: answer (to sth) German: Lösung (für etw)


fun, attractive, or giving pleasuresynonym: nice, good German: angenehm


measuring a short distance from one side to the other, especially in relation to length synonym: thin German: schmal

(to) wave at sb

(to) move your hand or arm from side to side in the air in order to attract attention, say hello, ...German: jdn zuwinken


occurring from time to time synonym: sometimes antonym: always, never German: gelegentlich


used when you are emphasising that the whole of sth is included synonym: whole German: ganze/r/s, vollständig