Prashal Verbs

show off

To display proudly wanted to To seek to attract attention by conpicious behavior boys showing off for the girls

Put out

to engage in sexual intercourse To Extinguish something that is burning

watch out

To be aware of something dangerous.‚Äč

Hold up

to stop; to delay (usually used in the passive)

Look after

to take care of someone or something

Move on

to start a new activity

Bring up

to mention

Step up

to take action when there is a need or opportunity for it

Put up


Set up

to arrange

wiped out

to be exhausted

set back

to reduce something to a weaker or less beneficial state

Take over

to take control of something

Try out

to test something (or someone) by using it

Put down

stop holding or carrying- insult someone

Look forward

to expect or anticipate with pleasure

Take away

to remove

pull out

extract or remove, usually with some force or effort

Figure out

find the solution to a problem or question.

Break down

to lose control emotionally or mentally-To stop working