encode (v)

/ɪnˈkəʊd/ (mã hóa) Ex: Some music CDs are encoded with information about the performers and their music

decipher (v)

/dɪˈsaɪ.fər / (giải mã) Ex: Can you decipher the writing on this envelope?

cache (n)

/kæʃ/ (bộ nhớ đệm) Ex: Set your browser so that the cache is automatically cleared out frequently.

hotspot (n)

/ˈhɒt.spɒt/s (usually public) (điểm phát wifi) : There are wi-fi hotspots in all our cafés

palmtop (n)

/ˈpɑːm.tɒp/ (máy tính cầm tay) Ex: Palmtops are dream devices for many people.

peripheral (adj)

/pəˈrɪfə r ə l/ such as a printer (thiết bị xuất nhập) Ex: The system is expected to boost sales of PCs as well as components, applications, and periphera

resolution (n)

/ˌrezə lˈuːʃən/ (độ phân giải) Ex: If your monitor supports a higher screen resolution, switch to those choices.

obsolescent (adj)

/ˌɒb.səˈles.ənt/ (trở nên lỗi thời) Ex: Much of our existing military hardware is obsolescent.

router (n)

/ˈruːtər / (bộ định tuyến) Ex: Companies need to buy routers to direct data traffic and connect to the internet.

gadget (n)

/ˈɡædʒɪt/ (thiết bị điện tử) Ex: With competition heating up, the latest gadgets have added features to set them apart from the competition.

digitization (n)

/ˌdɪdʒɪtaɪˈzeɪʃn/ (sự số hóa) Ex: Digitization creates many new ways to use and share photos.

unscramble (v)

/ʌnˈskræm.bə l/ (phục hồi) Ex: You need a decoding device to unscramble some of the signals sent out by computers.

crash (v)

/kræʃ/ (chết máy) Ex: My laptop has crashed again.

drudgery (n)

/ˈdrʌdʒ.ə r.i/ (công việc cực nhọc) Ex: Working with computers all the time is sheer drudgery.

state - of the - art (adj)

/ˌsteɪt.əv.ðiːˈɑːt/ (rất hiện đại) Ex: This computer with extra newest features is considered state-of-the-art.

mouse mat (n)

/ˈmaʊs ˌmæt/ (tấm lót chuột) Ex: A great solution would be to build a mouse mat that wirelessly charges the mouse.

computer - literate (adj)

/kəmˌpjuː.təˈlɪt.ə r.ət/ (có kiến thức tin học) Ex: Candidates must be computer - literate and proficient in MS Office.

screenager (n)

/ˈskriːneɪdʒə/ (người nghiện máy tính) Ex: It's about how screenagers see the world through communications technology, and all that kind of thing

cybersickness (n)

/ˈsaɪbəˌsɪknəs/. (cảm giác mệt mỏi sau khi sử dụng máy tính quá lâu) Ex: He got cybersickness because he played computer games so much.

keypal (n)

/ˈkiːpal/ (người hay trao đổi bằng thư điện tử) Ex: I mainly use the Internet for sending emails to my keypals.

floppy disk (n)

/ˈflɑp·i ˈdɪsk/ (đĩa mềm) Ex: You can pick from a variety of preconfigured operating systems, or you can load your own (via a CD, floppy disk, or hard drive disk image).

techie (n)

/ˈtek.i/ (chuyên viên công nghệ) Ex: The latest innovation came from a bunch of young techies in the research lab.

technophile (n)

/ˈteknəfaɪl/ (người yêu công nghệ) Ex: These are the top-ten gadget gifts under $50 for the technophile.

technophobe (n)

/ˈtek.nə.fəʊb/ (người không thích công nghệ) Ex: It is marketed as being ideal for children, the elderly, and technophobes

the cutting edge of sth

/ˌkʌt.ɪŋˈedʒ/ (sự mới nhất, cải tiến nhất) Ex: His research is at the cutting edge of new therapies for cancer.

cybercrime (n)

/ˈsaɪbəˌkraɪm/ (tội phạm công nghệ cao) Ex: The corporate battle against cybercrime is unending

bandwidth (n)

/ˈbænd.wɪtθ/(băng thông) Ex: As prices for telecommunications services fall, demand for high bandwidth services is increasing.

domain name (n)

/dəˈmeɪn ˌneɪm/ (tên miền) Ex: The Swiss-based group registered its domain name in 2007.

multimedia (n)

/ˌmʌl.tiˈmiː.di.ə/ (đa phương tiện) Ex: The means of designing and developing powerful multimedia must also be simple and easy-to-use.

firewall (n)

(tường lửa) Ex: Without a firewall, all your files could be instantly accessible to any competent hacker from anywhere in the world.