Date activities

kind of (phrase)

a littleex: I'm kind of concerned about Kim. She never relaxes and is so busy with school.

wonder (v)

to have interest in knowing, to think about sthex: I wonder if Steve is going to come eat tonight. Do you know his plans?

catch a movie (v)

watch a movie at a theater ex: We caught a movie last night, but it wasn;t very good.

'cause (adv) = because

I can't go tongiht with you 'cause I'm not feeling well. Sorry.

due (adj)

expected to happenex: My school tuition is due on Friday.

work like a slave (expression)

My brother works like a slave to earn money for school.

come up with (idiom)

to think of sth ex: Have you come up with an idea for tommorrow's activity?