struct: build

an earthquake destroyed most of the city

v. 毀滅

the destruction was almost total

n. 破壞、毀滅


to damage something so badly that it does not exist or cannot be used

construction ahead. please detour.

n. 建造


to build

the feminist article deconstructs the myth that men and women are born different

v. 解構

read the instructions carefully before using the machine

n. 說明

The police who broke into the house were only acting on/under instructions.

n. 指示

The police have been instructed to patrol the building and surrounding area.

v. 指示

He works in a sports centre instructing people in the use of the gym equipment.

v. 教

do you play any musical instuments?

n. 工具、儀器

a light is flashing on the instrument panel

n. 儀表板(儀器)

the Chief of Staff has been instrumental in changing the President's mind

a. 重要的

the investigators tried to reconstruct the crime scene

v. 重建

do not misconstrue my caution as cowardice

v. 誤解

if you do not back down, I shall have to construe your action as hostile

v. 解讀、研判


to interpret wrongly

the car was tolled away because it was obstructing traffic

v. 阻礙 (=impede)

if you do not pull over, you may be fined for obstruction of justice

n. 阻礙(妨礙執法)

the company could not attract foreign capital because of its poor infrastructure

n. 基礎建設

the superstructure of the building is completely made of steel and glass

n. 上層建築


the basic framework of a building or a system