10 класс


B1happy and positive


B2able to wait for a long time or accept annoying behaviour or difficulties without becoming angryYou'll just have to be _____________ and wait till I'm finished.


A2doing a job seriously and with a lot of effort


B2behaving in a proud, unpleasant wayShe was beautiful but proud and arrogant


B1feeling sure about your own ability to do things and be successfulWhen ______________ people see an opportunity, they take it.


B1that can be trusted to do something well; that you can rely on.He was a very __________ and honest man who would never betray anyone.


B1thinking only about yourself and not caring about other peopleSuppose you are a _____________ person.

capable capable of

B2having the ability or qualities necessary for doing somethingYou are ______________ of better work than this.


B1an attempt to do something especially when it is difficult to doThe project was a team _____________.

make an effort

B1to try hardPlease make an __________ to be on time.


A2impossible or very difficult to believeIt's just ___________ to me that only one person was hurt.

by accident

A2in a way that is not planned or organizedWe met _____________ at the airport.


B1synonym - sociableliking to meet other people, enjoying their company and being friendly towards themI've become more confident and ______________.


B2a person born with great intelligenceWhoever made that design is a _______________.Mendeleev's great ____________ was to combine those two methods together.

an obsession (with smb/smth)

C1a person or thing that somebody thinks about too muchIt became an ____________________ with him.He`s got an ________________ with sports.