Reasons for changes in the position of children

How many reasons are there?


Reason 1


Reason 1 - explain

More laws protected children from the harm of the adult world

Reason 2

Compulsory schooling

Reason 2 - explain

5-18 compulsory in UK - controls information fed to them from young age

Reason 3

Child protection and welfare legislation

Reason 3 - explain

Safeguarding training

Reason 4

Growth of idea of children's rights

Reason 4 - explain

Children have voice as to which parent has custody during divorce

Reason 5

Declining family size and lower infant mortality rate

Reason 5 - explain

More child-centred society

Reason 6

Child development because subject of medical knowledge

Reason 6 - explain

Very specialised, high paying and highly funded

Reason 7


Reason 7 - explain

Children no longer forced to work