Solubility Chart

Alkali metal compounds, group 1A (Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs)

Soluble, no exceptions

Ammonium ion compounds (NH4)

Soluble, no exceptions

Nitrates (NO3), bicarbonates (HCO3), Chlorates (ClO3)

Soluble, no exceptions

Acetates (C2H3O2)

Soluble, no exceptions


Soluble, Exceptions include Halides bonded to Ag, Hg, Pb (except AgF, which is soluble)

Sulfates (SO42)

Soluble, Exceptions when bonded to Ag, Ca, Sr, Ba, Hg, Pb

Carbonates (CO2), Phosphates (PO42), Chromates (CrO42)

Insoluble, Exceptions when bonded with alkali metal compounds (Li, Na, K) and those containing the ammonium ion (NH4)

Hydroxides (OH),Sulfides (S2)

Insoluble, Exceptions include Alkali metal compounds and those containing (Ca, Sr, Ba)